Agricultural Entomology

Agricultural Entomology laboratory of Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research is dedicated to teach under graduate students, research on pest management methods in various crops and advisory services. Having begun with fundamentals of entomology and taxonomic studies on various insects and then drawn to the studies on management of beneficial and harmful insects with special emphasize on sericulture, apiculture and pest management of field and horticultural crops.

Insect Museum

In 5th May 2019, Insect museum was established to create interest and arouse the curiosity in under graduate students.  Further, a bio-control production unit was started on August, 2019 and the department involved in mass production of bio-control agents viz., Trichogramma chilonis and Metarhizium anisopliae.

Facilities available:

Our department has well equipped facilities which met the requirements to impart knowledge on agricultural entomology to under graduate students. Our laboratory comprises 115 insect display boxes, 341 wooden boxes, 2 insect storing cabinets, more than 50 wet preserved specimens, 11 compound microscopes, incubator, weighing balance, pH meter, refrigerator, beekeeping equipment’s, silkworm rearing appliances, by-products of sericulture and lac culture, pesticides, lab chemicals and glass wares.

Research and other works:

  • To study the efficacy of botanicals against insect pests of Bhendi
  • To study the efficacy of botanicals, mycopathogens and few insecticides on insect pests of rose under protected cultivation.
  • Tricho card was supplied to nearby farmers to create awareness on biological control of various insect pests in their field.  
  • A step has been taken to assess the adaptive capability of Mulberry and Eri silkworm rearing under the climatic condition in ACAR, Athimugam.
  • Regular field visits were made by experts to the nearby villages and suitable management practices were recommended against pests in their field.

Other information:

  • Documentation of insects available in ACAR premises is on-going.
  • Took the students to the nearby farmer field to increase the confident level of students to face farmers.
  • Forecasting of pest was given in mass media to create awareness among farmers.
  • New crop pests were identified and documented in ACAR Farm, Athimugam.
  • Our experts investigated fall army worm infested maize crop and recommendations were given with newer insecticides to the farmers.
  • Application of paddy husk, neem leaves and microbial pathogens like, Pseudomonas fluorescens were recommended for managing root knot nematode in mulberry.
  • For effective control of nematode complex in banana paring and pralinage, dipping suckers in hot water and sucker treatment with Paecilomyces lilacinus were explained to farmers.
YearSemesterCourse codeCourse Title (2015 syllabus)Course Credit
IIISER 201Principles and Practices of Sericulture1+1
IIIIIAEN 201Fundamentals of Entomology2+1
IVAEN 202Economic Entomology and Integrated Pest Management2+1
IIIVAEN 301Pests of Field crops and their management1+1
VIAEN 302Pests of Horticultural crops and their management1+1
IVVIIIOptional CourseCommercial Beekeeping0+10
Commercial Cocoon Production0+10
YearSemesterCourse CodeCourse Title (2017 Syllabus)Course Credit
IIIIIAEN 201Fundamentals of Entomology2+1
IVAEN 202Management of Beneficial and Harmful Insects2+1
IIIVAEN 301Pests of field crops and their management1+1
VIAEN 302Pests of Horticultural crops and their management1+1
IVVIIIOptional CourseCommercial Beekeeping0+10
Commercial Cocoon Production0+10