Biochemistry and Crop Physiology

Biochemistry is a new branch of science which aims at answering, in chemical language, questions such as ‘What is the life made of ?’ and ‘How does it work ?’ Whereas the eye works at the gross level of visible objects, the microscope reaches down to the cellular level, exposing details of the various cell organelles, including nuclei and other particles.                 

 Crop Physiology plays an eminent role in agriculture as it focuses on the vital phenomena in crop plants. It is the science concerned with the processes and functions and their responses towards the changing environmental parameters. Hence the knowledge of crop physiology is essential to all agricultural disciplines which provide inputs to Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology, Agronomy, Soil Science and Crop protection studies.To impart basic knowledge on various functions and processes related to stress physiology, nutrio physiology, hormonal physiology, production physiology, post harvest physiology etc., and their application in crop production. 

Biochemistry and Crop Physiology Courses Offered

YearSemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
IIBIC 101Fundamentals of Biochemistry2+1
IICRP 101Fundamentals of Crop Physiology2+1
IVVIIAPW 401Project Work0+1
IVVIIICRP 451Physiological Techniques in crop production1+1