அதியமான் வேளாண்மைக் கல்லூரி மற்றும் ஆராய்ச்சி
Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research

Affiliated to TamilNadu Agricultural University ( Affiliation No.E1/A.E.R.I/02711/2016 )
Shoolagiri to Berigai Road, Athimugam Village, Krishnagiri District 635105.


Academic Cell

Academic cell is fully in charge for all academic activities as follows:
  1. To conduct all theory and Practical exams.
  2. It is fully responsible to conduct all Reappearance exams.
  3. Prepare Time table for practical exams based on external examiner’s convenience.
  4. Receive and distribute all results from Controller of Examination TNAU.
  5. Prepare temporary mark statement based on result to the students for their bank loan and scholarship purpose.
  6. All academic related circulars are communicated through academic cell only.
  7. It is responsible to collect reappearance and revaluation forms from students and communicated to COE, TNAU.

Exams Rules and Regulations

TNAU Rules and Regulations

ACAR Hostel Rules and Regulations

காய்ச்செந்நெற் கதிரருந்து
மோட்டெருமை முழுக்குழவி
கூட்டுநிழல் துயில்வதியும் 
கோட்டெங்கிற் குலைவாழைக்
காய்க்கமுகிற் கமழ்மஞ்சள்
இனமாவின் இணர்ப்பெண்ணை
முதற்சேம்பின் முளையிஞ்சி (15)                           – பட்டினப்பாலை