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                             ACAR library is completely automated by making use of the Information Technology. The library is a story house of knowledge and acquisition of knowledge will help student. ACAR library is well established and catering to the needs of the student and faculty. A well-housed and well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure. To keep pace with the ever-expanding field of knowledge the library is being updated from time to time.

Resource Count


Number of the Book – 7000

Number of the Title   – 1795


Number of the Journal – 44


Number of Compact Disk-30


Library Timings:  7.30 AM to 6.00 PM (Monday – Saturday)

Library Books Available

1Fundamentals of Soil scienceA.Rathinasamy ,B.Bakiyathu saliha1
2Principles of horticulture.-4th editionAdams4th ed1
3Soil microbiologyMishra1st ed5
4Spoken englishR.Govindachari1
5The scientific principles of crop production 7th editionMartin1st ed Rep5
65000 delux dictionaryDeluxe1
7A hand book of extension educationC.R Kothari Gaurav Garg10
8a colour handbook of landscape gardenningalka singh B.K.Dhaduk1
9A concise textbook of botany(cryptogans and gymnosperms)Choudhary14
10A dictionary of biochemistrySharma15
11A dictionary of biologyRobberts15
12A dictionary of biologyRoberts15
13A dictionary of botanical termsSambamurthy Avvs15
14A dictionary of botanical termsSammbamurty15
15A dictionary of botanyUsher5
16A dictionary of chemistryBackett15
17A dictionary of entomologyLeftwich15
18A dictionary of foods & nutritionSharma15
19A dictionary of plantsUsher4
20A first course in computers bassed on windows and office XPSaxena21
21A glimpse on termiology of agricultural entomologyGhosh,S.K12
22A glossary for veterinariansKumar.A11
23A Guide on forest entomologyA.Raghupathy ,S.Chandrasekaran1
24A Guide on guide on crop pestsA.Raghupathy ,r.ayyasamy1
25A hand book of agribusinessGaur10
26A hand book of fruit production vol-1 principle of fruit productionPrasad10
27A hand book of fruit production vol-2 principle of fruit cultivationPrasad10
28A hand book of modern communication and adoption behaviourDipak De20
29A hand book of seed certificationMishra10
30A hand book of seed processing and marketingGaur10
31A hand book of seed testingRenugadevi8
32A hand book of soil analysisTarafdar10
33A hand book on post harvest management of fruits and vegetablesJohn15
34A handbook of agriculturePanda10
35A handbook of extension educationDe1st pub8
36A handbook of extension educationDe Ak1
37A handbook of soil fertilizer and manure.-2nd editionGupta10
38A laboratory manual for the isolation and identification of avian pathogensSwayne D.E41
39A manual of medicinal treesPrasad1st ed rep10
40A modern approach to verbal & non-verbal reasoningAggarwal1 rep5
41A Numerical Approach in Agricultural Engineering with ObjectiveSanjay Kumar3 rev2
42A practical guide to developmental biologyBibbs1st ed6
43A practical menu of post harvest value addition and processing of horticulture cropsBarche2
44A quick view on agricultural extensionChavan5
45A ready reckoner immunologyRavi11
46A text book of agricultural extensionBarman7
47A text book of algaeBilgrami K.S11
48A text book of economic botanyVerma5
49A text book of environmental sciencePurohit6
50A text book of environmental scienceThakur5
51A Text book of Farm Machinery(For Under Graduate Students of Agriculture,Horticulture and Agri Business)T.Senthilkumar,R.Kavitha, V.M.Duraisamy13
52A text book of micro biologyDubey1st ed1
53A text book of MicrobiologyAnanthanarayan;Paniker's1st ed2
54A text book of MicrobiologyR C Dubey1st ed1
55A text book of plant ecology.- 15 th editionJaiswal151
56A text book of production technology of fruit cropsPrasad9
57A text book of production technology of vegetables and flowersPrasad10
58A text book of production technology spices, aromatic ,medicinal and plantainPrasad10
59A Text Book of Seed Science and TechnologyS.Padmavathi,M.Prakash,S.Ezhil Kumar, G.Sathiyanarayanan,A.Kamaraj2
60A text book of vermicompost vermiwash and biopesticidesSingh2
61A text bookof animal husbandry.-8th editionBanerjee85
62A textbook of Agricultural StatisticsR Rangaswawy25
63A textbook of agricultural statisticsRangaswamysecond edition9
64A textbook of algaeAwasthi2
65A Textbook of Animal HusbandryG.C.Banerjee85
66A Textbook of Applied Entomology:Concept in Pest ManagementK.P.Srivastava,G.S.Dhaliwal310
67A Textbook of Applied Entomology:Insects of Economic ImportanceK.P.Srivastava,G.S.Dhaliwal310
68A textbook of biotechnologyDubey1st ed1
69A textbook of botany vol-I .- 12 th editionPandey122
70A textbook of fungaiGupta5
71A textbook of fungai bacteria &virusesDube1
72A textbook of fungai, bacteria and virusesDubi34
73A Textbook of Integrated Pest ManagementG.S.Dhaliwal,Ram Singh,Vikas Jindal10
74A textbook of life science.-3rd editionRajveer3rd rev1
75A Textbook of medicinal and aromatic cropsN.Deepa devi3
76A textbook of plant ecology.- 15th editionAmbasht15th rep4
77A textbook of production technology of fruit cropsPrasad S.Raju3
78A Textbook of Soil Chemical AnalysisP.R.Hesse3
79A textbook of tractor at a glance(a unique book of farm power)Kumar1st2
80Abiotic stresses affecting sugarcane: sustainable productivitySrivasthava11
81Abiotic stresses: plant resistance through breeding and molecular appproaches indian reprintAshraf M1
82Academia to biotechnologyGimble1st pri1
83Adaptations and responses of woody plants to environmental stresses indian reprintArora R1
84Adippadaith thamizh ilakkanamM.A.Nuhman1 rep2
85Adone english- english -tamilAddodelast1
86Advanced biotechnologyDubey1st ed1
87Advanced delux dictionaryDeluxe1
88Advanced Economic Theory : MicroEconomic AnalysisH.L.Ahuja2110
89Advanced education psychologyA.K.Mangal2nd ed5
90Advanced jute agronomy processing and marketingBhattacharya1
91Advanced objective general knowledgeAggarwal11
92Advanced techniques in soil microbiologyVarma3
93Advances & Challenges in Agricultural Extension & Rural DevelopmentT.Rathakrishnan ,M.Israel Thomas ,L.Nirmala2
94Advances in agricultural bio-technologyHarikumar3
95Advances in agricultural extensionVenku Reddy5
96Advances in arid horticulture vol-1: present statusSaroj,P.L11
97Advances in arid horticulture vol-2: production technology of arid and seminard fruitsSaroj,P.L11
98Advances in buffalo-cattle nutrition & rumen ecosystemBhatia S.K ; Kumar Shiv1st ed1
99Advances in extension education and rural development vol-2Gupta7
100Advances in extension education and rural development vol-3Gupta7
101Advances in medicinal and aromatic plantShukla1st ed9
102Advances in microbial control of insect pestsUpadhyay .R.K1st ed3
103advances in protected cultivationbrahma sing ,balraj sing1
104Advances in Protected CultivationBrahma Singh ,Balraj Singh , Naved Sabir , Murtaza Hasan2
105Advances in the disease of plantain crops & spicesSanthakumari1
106Agri business: market and marketingGaur10
107Agribusiness : management information systemGaur11
108Agribusiness and intellectual property rightsGaur110
109Agricultual extension .-2nd editionBan2nd ed5
110Agricultural and prossed food products directoryMedia Today Private Limited1
111Agricultural microbiologyG.Rangaswamy D.J.Bagyaraj211
112Agricultural applications of microbiologyRajvaidya5
113Agricultural at aglance : an enhanced competition explorerSharma10
114Agricultural biotechnologyShagupta5
115Agricultural carriers and opportunitiesChandfirst edition10
116Agricultural communicationDubey V.K11
117Agricultural drainage engineeringhistesh kumar v.parmar1
118Agricultural drainage engineeringParmar1
119Agricultural ecologyKumar5
120Agricultural economicsLekhi10th rev ed1
121Agricultural economicsPatel1st pub1
122Agricultural economicsS.Subba Reddy4
123Agricultural economics and agribusinessCramer85
124Agricultural engineeringShagupta5
125Agricultural ExtensionRatnesh Gupta1st pub1
126Agricultural extensionVan Den Banfirst edition4
127Agricultural extension :impact assessmentSingh10
128Agricultural Extension A GlimpseS.JANANI ,T.N.SUJEETHA_x000D_
129Agricultural extension and farm journalismSinghfirst edition8
130Agricultural extension explorerSingh10
131Agricultural insect of the tropics their control.- 2nd editionHill21
132Agricultural insect pests and their controlAswathi5
133Agricultural knowledge at a glance - 3rd editionChavan10
134Agricultural marketingVerma1
135Agricultural marketing in indiaAcharya67
136Agricultural marketting in indiaS S Acharya5th ed1
137Agricultural meteorologyG.S.L.H.V.Prasada Rao2nd pri1
138Agricultural meteorologyJ. Warren Smith2nd1
139Agricultural microbiologyG.Rangaswami21
140Agricultural pests of south asia and their managementAtwal7th ed2
141Agricultural PollutionK.P. Patolia1st ed10
142Agricultural pollutionMishra5
143Agricultural prices and production in post-reform indiaThirupathi1
144Agricultural revolution vision for futureWasnik5
145Agricultural science topics and modern agricultureSohan Sharma1
146Agricultural statistics in india 4th editionBansil P.C45
147Agricultural statistics techniques and proceduresMandal R.C2
148Agricultural statistics: a guide for competitive examKushwaha10
149Agriculture and applied statistics- 1Sahusecond revised edit1
150Agriculture and applied statistics- 2Sahusecond revised edit1
151Agriculture and applied statistics-IISahu2nd ed1
152Agriculture at a glanceSharma1
153Agriculture at a glance (an enhanced competition explor)Sharmarevised edition4
154Agriculture extension and mass communicationSinghfirst edition10
155Agriculture policy and planning in indiaPravin10
156Agro chemicals in plant disease managementN.G.Ravichandran1
157AGRO food processing and marketNeelam1st ed1
158Agro forestry : a sustainable land use systemSrivasthava10
159Agro information system: identification and parameterization of needs of farmers, planners and research workersMetkewar P.S1st ed1
160Agro techniques for umberlliferous medicinal & aromatic plants in indiaBimbraw Awatar Singh1st ed1
161Agro's dictionary of horticulturePrasad3 rev5
162Agro's dictionary of plant scienceVangangamudi10
163Agro's dictionary to plant scienceVanangamudi,K2
164Agroforestry theory and practicesJoseph Raj5
165agrometeorologys.r.reddy ,d.s.reddy5
166Agrometeorology: A Simplified TextbookG.Kathiresan2
167Agrometrology at a glanceSahu110
169Agronomy grossaryP.Lakshmanakumar15
170Agronomy : Principles & PracticesE.Somasundaram, M.Mohamed Amanullah2
171Agronomy at a glancePanda1
172Agronomy at a glanceS.C Panda10
173Agronomy Capsule for ICAR Exams (JRF,SRF,PhD,NET and ARS Prelim)P.Lakshmanakumar,S.Gangadharan,C.Sivaku mar13
174Agronomy fact & approachesGhosh5
175agronomy treatiser.s.bana,b.d.chaudhary813
176agrotechnology for dryland farming 2nd revised editionaravind m.dhopte1
177Air pollutionRao1
178Algal bioprocess technologyLele15
179All about Weed ControlS.Subramaninan,A.Mohamed Ali,P.muthukrishnan,R.Jaya kumar,B.210
180All about weed controlSubramanian2nd rev ed1
181Allelopathy in agroecosystemKohli R.K1
182An introduction fo fungiDube4 rev5
183An introduction to agroforestryRamachandran1st rep2
184An introduction to biodiversityPrithipalsin15
185An introduction to biostatistics.-2nd editionGurumani2 rev5
186An introduction to biotechnologyGodbey2
187An introduction to brytophytaRashid11
188An introduction to computational biochemistryStansai1
189An Introduction to MicrobiologyP Tauro, K K Kapoor, K S Yadav22
190An introduction to modern economic botanyMaiti110
191An introduction to mycology.- 2nd editionAneja25
192An Introduction to SociologyVidya Bhushan, D.R.Sachdeva2
193An Objective Review in Soil & Water EngineeringR.Suresh & A.P.Mishra12
194Analysis of nonalcoholi beverage: modern methods of plant analysisLinskens H.F1
195Analysis of plant waste materialsLinskens H.F1
196Analysis of the composition and properties of soils tropics and subtropicsRaghav11
197Analytical and instrumental techniques in agriculture,Environmnetal and Food EngineeringAhindra Nag21
198Analytical chemistryC.Sudhalakshmi1st pub5
199Analytical ChemistryGary D.Christian65
200Analytical chemistry for agricultureA.Rathisamy; D.Janaki5
201Analytical chemistry for agricultureRathenasamy10
202Analytical instrumentationLiptak1
203Animal reproduction :principles &practicesSorenson2
204Aonla cultivation and processingSingh10
205applied entomologyD.S.Reddy3 revised edition10
206Applied genetics:recent trends and techniquesEmmanual ,C5
207Applied MicrobiologyR.P.Singh210
208Applied molecular geneticsMiesfield1st ed1
209Applied statistics for agricultural sciencesD.Venkatesan1
210AquacultureV R P.Sinha1
211Aquatic weeds : utility & developmentMajid10
212Ariviyal Kalaish Sollakaraathi Velanmaiyel,ManniyalR.Sundar11
213Ariviyal TamilV.C.Kulandaiswamy95
214Arivom Annai KavikoKaviko Gnanaselvan11
215Arogiyam Tharum Sirudhaniya SamaiyalDeepa Sekar11
216Arokkiyam Tharum Arputha UnavugalK.S.Subramani11
217Aromatic plants & essential oilsMahindru5
218Aromatic plants & essential oilsVirdi2
219Aromatic plants cultivation processing and usesH.Panda1
220Art of writing and publishing in agricultural journalsVeeranjaneyulu5
221Assignment and thesis writing.-4th editionAnderson1st ed4
222AtlasNew Century Book House2
223Atlas of microscopy of medicinal plants culinary herbs and spicesJackson B.P5
224Atlas(tamil)New Century Book House2
225Ayurvedic herbs in healthy ageingSukh Dev5
226Azotobacter in sustinable agricultureNarula11
227Bacterial disease resistance in plantsVidyasekaran11
228Bacterial metabolism.-2nd editionDoelle2nd ed1
229Bacterial pathogenesis :methods and protocolsDeleo F.R1st rep1
230Bakery technology and engineering.- 3rd editionMatz32
231Bamboo : the wonderful gameGhosh5
232Barley science: recent advances from molecular biology to Agronomy of yield and qualitySlafer G.A2
233Barron's TOEFL iBT ( internet Based Test)Pamela J.Sharpe156
234Basic bioinformaticsS.Gladis Helen Hepsyba5
235Basic biophysics for biologistDaniel10
236Basic Concepts of Analytical ChemistryS.M.Khopkar31
237Basic concepts of fruits scienceSingh4
238basic concepts of plant biochemistryDr.D.sivaji,Dr.s.sathiyaraj, Dr.c. Mohan_x000D_
239Basic concepts of vegetable scienceNeeraj Pratap Singh15
240Basic concepts of vegetable science(2nd revised& enlarged edition)Singh2 rev5
241basic concepts of vegetables and spices productionDr.D.Kannan ,DrA.Palanisamy Dr.c. Mohan_x000D_
242Basic entomology : a practical manualSathe1st rep5
243Basic experiments in biotechnologyRathoure5
244Basic food microbiology 2nd editionBanwart G.J25
245Basic foodmicrobiologyBanwart25
246basic microbiologyMs.Reka Dr.M.Sivaji ,Dr.R.Sridhar114
247Basic microbiology: an illustrated lab manualKhuntia1st ed5
248Basic of agriculture for engineersSharma5
249Basic plant pathology methodsOnkar21
250Basic principles of agricultural meteorologyMurthy11th rep10
251Basic StatisticsP.K.Mohanty , S.K.Patel10
252basics and applications of nanotechnologyDr.m.sivaji ,Dr.c.mohan mr.r.rasakumar,Dr.s.sathiyaraj111
253Basics of agriculture for engineersR. K.Sharma1
254Basics of environmental resource managementKumar1
255Basics of environmental science and engineeringSivashanmuga10
256Basics of horticulture.- 2nd editionPeter2 rev ed10
257Basics of molecular biologySingh14
260Beekeeping : a comprehensive guide to bees and beekeepingAbrol5
261Beverages: technology,chemistry and microbiologyVarnam1
262Bio resource technologyTripathi G15
263Bio technology : fundamnetals and applicationsPurohit410
264Bio technology: plant health managementSharma11
265Bio-chemical methodsSadasivam35
266Bio-gas technologyNijaguna1st ed rep5
267Bio-nanotechnology concepts applicationsSharon5
268Bioanalytical techniquesTalluri1
269Biochemical MethodsS Sadasivam , A Manickam32
270BiochemistryS C .Rohtagi31
271BiochemistryS.C.Rastogi3rd ed2
272Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of PlantsBob B.Buchanan , Wilhelm Gruissem & Russell L.Jones21
273Biochemistry 8th editionBerg81
274Biochemistry and physiology of plant hormonesMoore25
275Biochemistry: fundamentals and applicationsPurohit19
276BiodiversityPrabodh K.Maiti1
277Biodiversity and pest management agroecosystemsAltieri Migual A21
278Biodiversity: perception, peril and preservationMaiti4
279Biofertilizer technologyShagupta5
280Biofertilizers for sustainable agricultureArun K.Sharma1st ed1
281Biofertilizers in sustainable agricultureIcar1
282Bioinformatics : methods and applications .- 4th editionRastogi41
283Bioinformatics sequence and genome analysis 2nd editionMount23
284Bioinformatics sequence and genome analysis 2nd editionRoy1
285Biological controlDriesche2
286Biological control of plant disease and weedsIcar11
287Biological control of plant pathogens weeds and phytoparasitic nematodesKumar5
288Biological control of plant pathology and physiologyReddi Kumar5
289Biomass & cell culturing techniquesSharma2
290Bioprocess engineering: basic conceptsShuler25
291Bios instant notes biochemistryDavid Hames, Nigel Hooper1
292Bios instant notes plant biology.- 2nd editionLack25
293BIOS Instant Notes MicrobiologySimon Baker, Caroline Griffiths, Jane Nicklin41
294Biosecurity in the poultry industryShane1
296Biostatistics : a foundation for analysis in the health science.-7th editionDaniel173
297Biostatistics principles and practiceAntonisamy11
298Biotech's dictionary of agronomyJain15
299Biotech's dictionary of biotechnologyArora6
300Biotech's dictionary of biotechnologyFrancis14
301Biotech's dictionary of botanyFrancis24
302Biotech's dictionary of horticultureArora5
303Biotech's dictionary of microbiologyArora25
304Biotech's dictionary of plants breeding and geneticsMahindru5
305Biotech's dictionary of toxicologyArora15
306Biotechnological interventions for dryland agricultureReddy . P.P5
307BiotechnologyR .Nagabhushana1st ed1
310Biotechnology for fruit crop improvementKumar.A11
311Biotechnology for sustainable agricultureVenku Reddy5
312Biotechnology handbookNiir1
313Biotechnology handbookPrakash S.Lohar5
314Biotechnology in agricultureSharma2
315Biotechnology plant and plant breeding perspectesBehl8
316Biotecs dictionary of agriculture engineeringsArora15
317Bonsai: an art of minature plant cultureDey10
318Boomi enum koalD.Janagi Raman21
319Botanical pesticide in the management of post-harvest fruit diseasePramila Tripathi5
321Botany of tropical cropsV.Krishnan And N. Senthil5th ed11
322Botany for degree student bryophytaVashishta1st ed1
323Botany for degree student gymnospermsVashishta1st ed1
324Botany of vegetable cropsA.Ramesh Kumar1
325Botny of horticultural cropsv.ponnuswamy,k.padmadevi ,s.muthukumar1
326Breeding and improvements of farm animalsLegtaes1
327Breeding of field cropsBhardwaj10
328Breeding of Horticultural Crops : Principles and PracticesN.Kumar2 Rev & Exp ed2
329Breeding problems and artificial inseminationS.W.J.Van Rensburg1st rep1
330Breeding research on aromatic and medicinal plantsJohnson C.B11
331Breeding to field cropsBhardwaj2
332Brewing microbiologyPriest F.G1st rep1
333Brock biology of micro organismsMadigan141
334Buffalo production under different climatic regionKundu S.S11
335Business communicationKathiresan1st1
336C programming languageBrian W.Kernighan2nd rep5
337Calculus -vol-IIINarayanan5
338Calculus early transcendentalsJames Stewart718
339Calculus-vol -INarayanan5
340Calculus-vol -IINarayanan5
341Cane sugar:production managementSoloman .S11
342Canopy management of management of fruit cropsSrivastava ,K.K12
343Capacity building for climate smart agricultureDeviprasad5
344Cashew production & processing technologyMandal10
345Cashew Production & Processing Technology(Recent Advances)R.C.Gajbhiye & B.V.Padhiar2
346Cell and molecular biologyChaitanya,K.V1
347Cell and molecular biologyRastogi3rd ed1
348Cell and molecular biologyVyas15
349Cell and molecular biology vol -2Jacobs15
350Cell and molecular biology vol-1Jacobs15
351Cell biologyRastogi35
352Cell biology: fundamentals and applicationsChannarayappa1st pub1
353Cell biology: fundamentals and applicationsGupta10
354Chemical analysis of foods and food productsMorris B. Jacobs35
355Chemical chances in food during processingRichardson15
356Chemistry & testing of dairy products.-4th editionAtherton1st rep5
357Chemistry of pesticidesR.K.Roy1st ed Rep5
358Chemistry of the SoilFirman E.Bear21
359Chemistry of waterRao1st rep5
360Chemistry.- 9th editionChang9th ed4
361Cinnamon and cassiaRavindran1
363Citrus climate & soilsSrivasthava11
364Citrus nutritionSrivasthava11
365Climate change and agriculture over indiaRao2
366Climate change,soil and agricultural technologies for sustainable development food and social securityChandfirst edition5
367Climate,weather and crops in indiaLenka1st ed1
368Clonal tissue culture of important fruit cropsKumar.A11
369Cocount diseaseSrinivasalufirst edition2
370College botanySantra3rd rev1
371College botany vol-IPandey1st ed2
372College botany vol-IIPandey1st ed2
373College botany vol-IIIPandey12
374Color handbook of flowering and medicinal plantYashwant Rai1
375Comdex computerVikas Gupta1
376Commercial Crops Technology : Horticulture Science Series-8Alice Kurian & K.V.Peter5
377commercial floricultures.k.chattopadhyay3
378communication skills and personality developmentJ.R.Kadam1
379Communication skills.-2nd editionKumar2nd ed1
380Compendium of objective soil scienceKaleeswari1
381Competition success review year book - 2016Ksg1
382Competitive english for professional coursesGangal1st ed5
383Complete home gardeningDey10
384Complete technology book on biofertilizer and organic farminNIIR Board2nd rev ed1
385Complete technology book on vermicompositing and vermicomposNIIR1
386Comprehensive micropropagation of horticultural cropsChandra .R11
387Computational biologyB.Thiagarajan5
388Computational molecular : an biology algorithmic approachPevzner5
389Computer networksForouzan8th rep1
390Computer programming in cV.Rajaraman24th reprint5
391Concepts of ecology.-4th editionKormondy4th ed1
392Concise notes on biotechnologyGupta1
393Conservation agricultureMohammed Farooq1
394Contemporary essays for civil services examinationsSingh4th reprit4
395Control of water pollution from agricultureFao3 rev1
396Control technology for the formulation and packing of pesticidesWho5
397Cotton pests and biocontrol agentsSathe2
398Counseling theory,skills and practiceRadhika1
399CRC atlas of plant virusesFrancki11
400Crop breeding in indiaSingh12
401Crop Disease : Identification ,Treatment and Management( An Illustrated Handbook)L.Darwin Christdha Henry,Thiru.H.Lewin Devasahayam1
402Crop Disease Management : Principles and PracticesP.Narayanasamy1
403Crop diseases and their managementH.S.Chaube3
404Crop improvementKang1
405Crop loss assessment and pest managementTeng1st ed Rep5
406crop managements.s.singh , Rajesh singh5 reviced edition15
407Crop managementShagupta5
408Crop managementWalia6
409Crop management and integrated farmingJain1
410Crop management and integrated farmingShagupta4
411Crop management under irrigated rain feed conditionsSingh5th rep2
412Crop management:Under Irrigated Rainfed ConditionsS.S.Singh,Rajesh Singh9
413Crop production and tillagePanda1st ed rep10
414Crop production and tillageShagupta5
415Crop production by botanical pesticidesSingh R11
416Crop production in saline environments: global integrative perspectiveGoyal1st ed Rep2
417Crop production Technology KHARIF CROPSR.Rasakumar_x000D_
418Crop ProtectionPrasad11
419Crop science theory and practiceRamamoorthy1
420cropping and farming systemss.c.panda10
421Cropping and farming systemsShagupta5
422cropping system in the tropics principles and managements.p.palaniyappan , k.sivaraman110
423Cropping System ResearchR.S.Dixit210
424Crops and environmental changePrichard,S.G1
425Crops of indiaDas5
426CSIR UGC life scienceMubashshir4
427CSIR- UGC NET/JRF/SET life scienceUpkars5
428Cultivation and uses of aromatic plantCultivation;Uses Of Aromatic Plants1st ed1
429cut flower industry : post harvest technology and managementL.L.Somani12
430Cutting edge: science and technologies for food environment and healthBehl117
431Cyto-taxonomy of erysiphalesVerma5
432Cytogenetics and molecular biologyNagar10
433Cytogenetics evolution and biostatisticsShukla1
434Dairy -derived ingredients food nutraceuticCorredig2
435Dairy farmingIcar1
436Dairy farmingSingh5
437Dairy microbiologyParihar10
438Dairy microbiology and biochemistryOzer B.H1
439Darjeeling tea : the golden brewBanerjee21
440Data base management systemsAlexis Leon , Mathews Leon1
441Database management systemsAlexis Leon , Mathews Leon1
442Database systems models,languages,design,and application programmingRamez Elmasri ,Shamkant B. Navathe6th ed2
443Developmental biologySubramanian M.A5
444Developmental biology of flowering plantsRaghavan1
445Diagnosis of plant viruses & allied pathogensAhlawat3
446Diagnostic techniques for improving crop productionWolf B1st ed3
447Diary &food processing plant maintenance : theory &practiceJha11
448Dictionary of agricultureShagupta5
449Dictionary of bio scienceRon Lane1
450Dictionary of bioinformaticsManikandakumar5
451Dictionary of biotechnologySengar112
452Dictionary of botanyGeorge Usher14
453Dictionary of botanyTandon1
454Dictionary of entomologyChandola2
455Dictionary of entomologyD K.Butani11
456Dictionary of general & applied entomologyDhooria5
457Dictionary of genetics and cell biologyMaclean15
458Dictionary of plant scienceChandola5
459Dimensions of Extension EducationB.P.Mohapatra5
460Disease of fruits and vegetables vol-INaqvi1
461Disease of fruits and vegetables vol-IINaqvi1
462Disease of horticultural crps and their managementJagtap10
463Disease of vegetable cropsWalker;John Charles1
464Disease problems in vegetable productionGupta5
465disease problems in vegetable production 2nd editionS.K.GUPTA T.S.THIND1
466Diseases of crop plants in indiaG.Rangaswami4th ed1
467Diseases of fruit and nutsShagupta5
468Diseases of fruit trees: recent researches and eco-friendly managementArya Arun11
469Diseases of vegetable cropsShagupta5
470Distillery wastewater pollution and bioremediationChandra .R11
471DNA finger printing in plants principles,methods and applicationsKurt21
472Dry farming for sustainable agricultureWidtsoe10
473dry flower technology:dehydration of flowers ,foliage and floral craftsubodh kumar datta12
474Dry land agricultural : traditional wisdom ofKathikeyan10
475Dry landtechnology : factors and adoptionSingh10
476Dryland agricultureReddy . P.P5
477Dryland technologyJat5
478Dynamic models in biologyEllner5
479Earth wormBhatnagar11
480Earthworm ecology and environmentSingh11
481Earthworms for solid waste managementSingh11
482Ecological consequences of increasing crop productivityOpalko A.I1
484Ecology & environmentSidhartha1st ed3
485Ecology and environmentSharmamadigan12th ed1
486Ecology and utility of plantsShukla1st ed2
487Ecology environmental science and conservationSingh1st ed5
488Ecology.- 2nd editionOdum2nd ed1
489Ecomics of agricultural commodities tobacco and other small cropsBansil P.C1st ed5
490Economic botanyPandey7 rev5
491Economic botany principles and practicesWicknes9
492Economic entomology in agricultural & medical perspectiveGhosh S.K12
493Economic liberalisation and indian agricultureBhalla1st pub1
494Economic of agricultural commodities fruits and nuts vol-IBansil P.C11
495Economic of agricultural commodities fruits and nuts vol-IIBansil P.C11
496EconomicsPaul A.Samuelson199
497Economics of agricultural commodities plantation cropsBansil P.C13
498Economics of agricultural commodities spices and medical plantsBansil P.C1st ed3
499Economics of agriculture commodities sugarBansil P.C1st ed5
500Economics problems of indian agricultureP.C.Bancil64
501Education and communication for developmentO P.Dahama21
502Education and communication for development.-2nd editionDahama2nd ed2
503Effective communication and soft skillsBhatnagar2
504Effective Group Discussion:Theory and PracticeGloria J.Galanes ,Katherine Adams125
505Effective technical communicationRizvi4
506Efficiency indices for agriculture management researchDevesenapathy10
507Efficient Use of Irrigation WaterG.H.Sankara Reddy, T.Yellamanda Reddy110
508Element of water resource engineeringDuggal1st ed1
509Elementary irrigation engineetingAsawa1st ed3
510Elements of agricultural economicsG W.Forster1
511elements of agricultural engineeringdr.jagishwar sahay10
512Elements of Agricultural EngineeringJagdishwar Sahay3
513elements of economic entomologyb.vasath raj david,v.v.ramamoorthy89
514Elements of entomologyDevasahayam1
515Elements of forestryMoon F.F1
516Elements of immunologyRastogi1st rep5
517Elements of microirrigation and its crop applicationChauhan H.S11
518Embryology and geneticsMorgan10
519Emerging foodburne pathogensMartin Adams1st ed rep2
520Emerging trends in mycology plant pathology & microbial biotechnologyBagyanarayana5
521Energy for production agricultureIcar1st ed1
522Energy technology: nonconventional,renewable & conventionalRao31
523Energy technology:nonconventional renewable &conventionalS.Rao3rd ed5
524Engineering for storage of fruits and vegetablesGopal Rao3
525Engineering mathematicsVeerarajan1
526Engineering Mathematics - 1T Veerarajan5
527Engineering mathematics-IIVeerarajan5
528English conversion practiceTaylor5
529English for all : a pracical manualDave5
530English grammerWren ; Martin2
531English Pronouncing DictionaryDaniel Jones185
532Entepreneurship in livestock and agricultureSahrma1st ed5
535Entomology and pest managementPedego6th ed rep1
536Entomology and pest managementPedigo6th ed rep1
537entomology at a glance (vol-1)r.c.saxeena, r.c.srinivasava63
538entomology at a glance (vol-2)r.c.saxeena, r.c.srinivasava63
539entomology refresherk.phani kumar,c.p.viji10
540entomology treatiset.v.prasad210
541Entomology: principles and practiceRobinson10
542Entrepreneurship development and communication skillsChole5
543Entrepreneurship in livestock and agricultureSharma15
544Environemtal awareness and educationGupta10
546Environment 2001 a global challengeMathur R2
547Environment and ecologyMishra2nd ed5
548Environment for civil servicesKhullsr5
549Environment,agroforestry & livestock managementKundu S.S11
550Environmental chemistryA .K. De8th ed6
551Environmental biotechnologyAllen1st ed5
552Environmental biotechnologySrinivas15
553Environmental biotechnology: principles and applicationsRittman5
554Environmental educationDe Ak1st ed1
555Environmental lawSengar4th pri2
556Environmental law and policyAruna Venkat1
557Environmental law and policyVenkat3
558Environmental managementBala Krishnamoorthy22
559Environmental management text and casesKrishnamoorthy2nd ed2
560Environmental measurementThomas1st ed1
561Environmental microbiology:methods & protocolsSpencer J.F.T1st rep1
562Environmental pollution analysisKhopkar1st ed5
563Environmental psychologyDinesh11
564Environmental science .-8th editionBotkin82
565Environmental science .-8th editionMiller145
566Environmental security: human and animal healthGarg,Sudhiranjan1
567Environmental services of agroforestry systemsMontagini1st rep1
568Environmental studiesDaniel1
569Environmental studiesDhankar1st ed5
570Environmental studiesSingh2nd rep1
571Environmental studiesSusila Appadurai32
572Environmental studiesUberoi1st ed1
573Environmetal lawDharmendra S.Senger1
574Enzyme technologyAnusha Bhaskar5
575Enzymes: biochemistry, biotechnology ,clinical chemistryPalmer21
576Eri cultureSingh5
577Essential english for competitionsBhardwaj2nd ed4
578Essential environmental studiesMishra45
579Essential of Agricultural EntomologyG.S.Dhaliwal,Ram Singh,B.S.Chhillar210
580Essential of bio physics .- 2nd editionNarayanan2nd ed5
581Essential of microbiologyBilgrami15
582Essential of molecular biologyGeorge M.Malacinski1
583Essentials modern biologySobti11
584Essentials of biotechnologyCrichton3rd ed1
585Essentials of farm financial technologyJohl2
586Essentials of food process engineeringRao5
587Essentials of geneticsKhanna1
588Essentials of microbiologyRajan15
589Essentials of programming in CParthasarathy2nd ed5
590Essentials oil bearing grassesAkhila .A1st rep1
591Essentionals of Business Environment(Text, Cases & Exercises)K.Aswathappa13 Rev Ed5
592Experimental methods in food engineeringRizvi5
593Experimental plant ecologyPratima Kapur1st rep2
594Experimental procedures in bioprocess technology and downstream processingPonmurugan14
595Experimental procedures in life scienceRajan13
596Experimental seed science and technologyUmarani10
597Experimental soil microbiologyKapoorfirst edition5
598Experimentals in microbiologyRajan13
599Experiments in food process engineeringPandey13
600Extension pluralism for rural developmentVasanthakumar,Philip Theodore And Nataraju10
601extension communication and managementG.L.Ray5
602Extension Management in the Information Age : Initiatives and ImpactsH. Philip, T.Rathakrishnan ,Ravi kumar Theodore1
603Extension Management Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture : Opportunities and ChallengesJ.Vasantha Kumar , T. Rathakrishnan , H.Philip , P.P.Murgan , M.Jagadeesan1
604Extension programme planningSandhu6
605Extension strategies for agriculture for agriculture and rural developmentAshok K.Singh11
606Extention education and rural developmentSantha Govind,Tamilselvi,Menambigai11
607Farm forestryFerguson1
608farm machinaryt.p.singh10
609Farm machinerySingh11
610Farm MachineryT. P.Singh2
611Farm Machinery -An ApproachS.C.Jain & GrAce Dhilip1
612Farm machinery and powerShagupta4
613Farm manuresThorne9
614Farmer and Planet Friendly New Gen EucalyptusNil1
615Farming system: concepts and approachesJayanthi10
617Fermented fruits and vegetables : a global perspective-134Fao1
618Fermented fruits and vegetables : a global perspective-135Fao1
619Fertilizers and their use .-4th editionUnited Books4th ed2
620Field Crops Prpoduction and ManagementSrinivasan Jayaraman2
621field crops production and management (vol-1)srinivasan jayaraman10
622field crops production and management (vol-2)srinivasan jayaraman10
623Financial managementPrasanna Chandra155
624Five centuries of farmingBieleman .J1
625FloricultureRavinath1st ed1
626Floriculture nursery and landscape industry directoryIflora3ed1
627Floriculture from green house production to floral designBiondo R.J1
628Flowering physiological bio chemical & molecular aspectsPurohit10
629Food marketing and technologyRajeswari Kurup1
630Food analysis: theory and practiceYeshajabhu Pomeranz35
631Food chemistryLillian Hoagland Meyer15
632Food chemistry and nutrition- A comprehensive treatiseSumathi5
633Food economics industry and marketsHansen2nd ed1
634Food engineering and technology : a practice bookSharma10
635Food microbiologyFoster15
636Food microbiologyFrazier56
637Food microbiologyKhetarpaul15
638Food microbiologyRamesh15
639Food microbiology protocolsSpringer1
640Food preservationCruses10
641Food scienceB.Srilakshmi62
642Food scienceSrilakshmi62
643Food science : experiment and application.-2nd editionSethi24
644Food science.-5th editionPotter55
645Food, famine & fertilizersKannan5
646Forage crop production in the tropicsThomas2nd rev ed1
647Forest ecology 4th editionBarnes B.V43
648Forest fungi of central indiaVerma R.K11
649Forest genetics and tree breedingMandal A.K1st ed Rep5
650Forest management .-2nd editionDavis4th3
651Forest management .-4th editionDavis4th ed1
652Forest tribology and anthropologyMhaiske5
653Forestry handbookForbes1
654Forestry principles and applicationsRaj5
655Forestry- a subjective guide IFS aspirantsParthiban5
656Forestry: principles and applicationsAntony Raj1
657Forests and forestryRolfe L.G61
658Foundation of Environmental ScienceAbhijit Mitra110
659Foundations in pharmaceutional biotechnologyNagadri1 rev5
660Freifelder' essentials of molecular biology.-4th editionMalacinski5
661Frontiers of fungal diversity in indiaRao. G.P11
662Fruit analysis: modern methods of plant analysisLinskens H.F1st rep1
663Fruit and vegetable diseaseMukerji K.G1
664Fruit and vegetable preservationSrivasthava3rd rev ed5
665Fruit and vegetable preservation,principles and practicesR.P.Srivastava15
666Fruit and vegetable processingBhatti15
667Fruit and vegetable processingFao11
668Fruit and vegetable processing organizations and institutionsBhattis .S3
669Fruit growingBal3 rev1
670Fruit marketing in indiaRaju2
671Fruit productionShagupta5
672Fruit production technologyYadav P.K11
673Fuels and biofuelsVijayalakshmi1st rep10
674Fundamental concepts in environmental studiesMishra1st ed5
675Fundamental ecologyM.C.Dash4th rep1
676Fundamental of botany vol 1Soni2
677Fundamental of botany vol 2Soni2
678Fundamental of information technologyMathew Leon2nd ed2
679fundamental of phyto pathologyd alice ,c.jayalakshmi ,a.s krishnamoorthy1
680Fundamental of PhytoPathologyD.Alice,C.Jeyalakshmi,A.S.Krishnamoorthy,M. Karthikeyan5
681Fundamental of plant pathologyPathak7
682Fundamental's of plant physiologyJain17 rev5
683Fundamentals of agricultural extentionBarman, Talukdar,Mishra And Borua10
684Fundamentals of computersE.Balagurusamy5
685Fundamentals of agricultural climatologySahu1
686Fundamentals of Agricultural StatisticsK.P.Dhamu , K.Ramamoorthy5
687Fundamentals of agricultureArya7
688Fundamentals of agricultureR L.Arya2
689Fundamentals of agriculture statisticsDhami1
690Fundamentals of agronomyDe1
691Fundamentals of Applied StatisticsS.C.Gupta,V.K.Kapoor3
692Fundamentals of beekeepingSathe15
693Fundamentals of bio chemistryGajera12
694Fundamentals of biochemistryJain11
695Fundamentals of dairy chemistryWebb.B.H1st rep5
696Fundamentals of dairy chemistryWong1st rep5
697Fundamentals of dairy chemistry.- 2nd editionWebb15
698Fundamentals of development psychologyMitcheel2nd ed3
699Fundamentals of disease and insect controlHambidge5
700Fundamentals of farm business managementJohl1
701Fundamentals of Farm Business ManagementS.S.Johl , T.R.Kapoor2
702Fundamentals of food process engineering .- 2nd editionToledo22
703Fundamentals of geneticsB D Singh2nd ed1
704Fundamentals of immunogenetics principles &practicesAgarwal1st ed1
705Fundamentals of immunogenetics: principles &practiceAgarwal11
706Fundamentals of SociologyMadumita Gupta1st ed10
707Fundamentals of soil behaviourMitchell J.Kthird edition5
708Fundamentals of soil scienceRathinasamy5
709Fundamentals of sustainable chemical scienceManahan1st rep1
710Fundamentals of vegetable crop productionNair5
711Fundamentals of weed scienceGupta10
712Fungai disease resistance in plantsZamir K.Punja1
713Fungai in biotechnologyAnil Prakash5
714Fungal disease pesticide in plantsPunja1
715Fungal pathologyKronstad1st rep1
716Fungi around some aquatic bodiesRao5
717Gases in plant and microbial cells: modern methods of plant analysisLinskens H.F1
718Gene expression systemsFernandez11
719General Agriculture Q & AP.Lakshmanakumar , D.Rajarajan_x000D_
,S.Gangadharan , R.Saran , S.Selvaraj , M.
720General biochemistryWeil65
721General ClimatologyHoward J.Critchfield41
722General intelligence and test of reasoningVikas1
723General MicrobiologyHans G. Schlegel71
724General microbiologyJamaluddin5
725General MicrobiologyJamaluddin , Naveen Malaviya5
726General MicrobiologyP Tauro, K K Kapoor, K S Yadav2nd ed18
727General microbiologyS B Sullia21
728General microbiology.-5th editionStanier52
730Genetic and production innovations in field cropKang1
731Genetic basis and methods of plant breedingSinghfirst edition4
732Genetic engineering and its applicationsJoshi2nd ed10
733Genetic engineering and rice technologyShukla1
734Genetic engineering: concepts and applicationPadmanaban1st2
735Genetic resources of horticultural cropsSingh11
736Genetic transformation of plantsJackson1st rep1
737Genetically modified cropsLiang G.H1
738GeneticsAhlliwalia2nd rep2
739GeneticsAhluwalia2nd ed3
741GeneticsMoroe W.Strickberger21
742Genetics and Plant Breeding for Competitive ExamsV.Krishnan , A. Thanga Hemavathy1
743Genetics 3rd edMonroe W.Strickberger17
744Genetics : fundamentals and applicationsSrivasthava11
745Genetics and molecular biologyHyde1
746Genetics and plant breeding.-2nd editionDassecond revised ed5
747Genetics basic and methods of plant breedingSultan Singh1st ed5
748Genetics genomics and breeding of forage cropsCai .I1
749Genetics SOSSusan Elrod45
750Genetics sos series 4th edSusan Elrod4th rep5
751GIS :Fundamentals, Applications and ImplementationsElangovan2
752Glimpse on general agriP. Lakshman rao I .Thirupathi1
753Glimpses in plant physiologyMandavia12
754Glimpses of rice technologyRaju10
755Global perspectives on the health of seeds and plant propagation materialGullino M.L1
756Glossary of biochemistry and biotechnologyPatel12
757Glossary of extension educationH R Meena11
758Grain sorghum processingU.D.Chavan1st2
759Green chemistryAhluwalia2
760Green house technology and managementManohar2nd ed8
761Green india requriem to resurrectionRai1st2
762Greenhouse technology and managementNicolas Castilla21
763Ground waterZaidi5
764Ground water and well drillingKumar2
765Ground water hydrologyBouwer1
766Ground water rechargeMahajan5
767Ground water scienceFitts21
768Growing strawberriesSharma12
769Growth and development in plantsKrishnamurthy5
770Guide to agricultural competitive examinations.-2nd editionSharma2 rev10
771Guidelines for quality management in soil and plant laboratories- 74Faofirst edition1
772Guidelines for quality management in soil and plant laboratories- 75Faofirst edition1
773Gymnosperms: structure & evolutionChamberlain5
774Hand book of fertilizersGustafson10
775Hand book of ForestryL.S.Khanna, A.N.Chaturvedi4th ed8
776Hand book of microbial biofertizersRai M.K1
777Hand book of practical forestryPanwar110
778hand of flricultures.prasad ,v.kumar1
779Handbook of agricultureDr.S.K.Singh64
780Handbook of agricultureDutt21
781Handbook of Analytical InstrumentR S Khandpur32
782Handbook of food processing equipmentSaravacos .G .D1
783Handbook of fruit and fruit processingHui5
784Handbook of fruit science and technologySalunkhe2
785Handbook of genetics & biotechnology.- 2nd editionTomar10
786Handbook of genetics and technologyRukam S.Tomar21
787Handbook of HorticultureK L Chadha1
788Handbook of industrial cropsChopra5
789Handbook of medicinal herbsDuke J.A21
790Handbook of medicineH.Panda1
791Handbook of medinial plantsYaniv Z1st rep2
792Handbook of microbiologyBisen5
793Handbook of natural pesticides methods vol-IPimentel D1
794Handbook of natural pesticides methods vol-IIPimentel D1
795Handbook of natural pesticides methods vol-IIIPimentel D21
796Handbook of Plant and Crop PhysiologyMohammed Pessarakli21
797Handbook of practical nematologyBajaj25
798Handbook of rice cultivation and processingNPCS Board1
799Handbook of statistics for teaching and research in plant and crop sciencePalanisamy .U1
800Handbook of Techniques in MicrobiologyA.S.Karma , M.K.Rai , H.B.Singh5
801Handbook of vegetable science and technologySalunkhe D.K3
802Handbook on analysis of milkSrivasthava5
803Handbook on analysis of milk : chemical & microbiological analysis of milkSrivasthava M.K11
804Handbook on citrus fruit cultivation and oil extractionNpcs1
805Handbook on drugs from natural sourcesH.Panda1
806Handbook on herbal products vol-2Niir1
807Handbook on herbal products vol-1NIIR1
808Handbook on herbs cultivation and processingApbs1
809Handbook on herbs cultivation and processingNiir1
810Handbook on ingredients for aquaculture feedsHertrampf J.W1
811Handbook on organic farming and processingH.Panda2
812Handbooks on herbal drugs and its plant sourcesH.Panda2
813Hatchery:practice and managementSaxena11
814Herbal and traditional medicinePacker1
815Herbal cosmetics & ayurvedic medicies (EOU)P K .Chattopadhyay1
816Herbal cosmetics handbookH.Panda1
817Herbal foods and its medicial valuesH.Panda1
818Herbs and natural suppliments : an evidence-based guide,3/e(2010)Braun2nd ed1
819Herbs cultivation &their utilizationNiir1
820Herbs for the mankindRajagobalan11
821Herbs,spices and medicinal plants vol-4Craker1st rep1
822Herd health and production management in dairy practiceBrand , A ,Anoordhuizen1
823Heterosis and hybrid seed production inagronomic cropsAmarjit S.Basra3
824Heterosis and hybrid seeed production in aromatic cropsBasra1st rep5
825Hi-Tech HorticultureS.Prasad , Dharm Singh & R.L.Bhardwaj5
826High density planting in tropical fruits: priniples & practicesIyer,C.P.A,Reju1
827High performance liquid chromatography in plant scienceLinskens H.F1
828High performance thin-layer chromatography in food analysisJaiswal15
829Hill agriculture economic and sustatinabilityPawan Kumar Sharma1
830Honeybees:diseases, parasites,pests,predators and their managementNagaraja2
831Honeybees:diseases, parasites,pests,predators and their managementNagaraja N3
832Horiculture properties and practicesAcquaah41
833Horizontal subsurface drainage theories for agricultural landLal1st ed2
834Horizontal subsurface drainage theories for agricultural landsLal Chhedi11
835Horticultural marketing : a resources and training manual for extension officesFao3
838Horticulture and livelihood securityNath1
839Horticulture in indiaBansil P.C12
840How to prepare group discussion&interviewsPrasad3rd ed5
841How to succeed at interviews.-2nd editionAndrews2nd ed3
842How to suceed at interviews.-2nd editionAndrews2th ed2
843Human resource management text and cases.- 7th editionAswathappa75
844Hybrid seed: production of agronomic cropsVanangamudi1st9
845Hybrid vegetable developmentSingh11
846Hydrology and soil erosion engineering .- 2nd editionDas1
847Hydroponics (soilless culture of plants)Singh10
849ICT's for Agricultural Extension:Global Experimements,Innovations and ExperiencesR.Saravanan1
850ICTS: information communication technology: digital opportunities in agricultural extensionDe1st ed9
851Ikkala ThamizhMuthu Shanmugam12
852Imms general textbook of entomology vol-1Richards1
853Imms general textbook of entomology vol-2Richards1
854ImmunologyKannan33rd rep4
855ImmunologyM.C.Dash33th rep1
856Immunology and immuno-technologyChakravarthy3
857In vitro plant breedingTaji1st rep1
858Increasing agricultural production in indiaBhupinder Singh Hooda1
859Indhiyavil vevasayegal perezhuchiL.Narayanan2 rev3
860Indian agriculture & agri-businessDiwase25
861Indigenous agricultural practices for sustainable farmingSundaramari10
862Indira's objective agricultural biotechnologyArya5
863Indira's objective agricultural extensionArya5
864Indira's objective agricultureArya5
865Indira's objective agronomyArya25
866Indoor gardeningDey10
867Indraya vivasayamR.S.Narayanan12
868Inductory plant pathologyChaube H.S5
869Industrial microbiologyBenson15
870Industrial microbiologyL.E.Casida11
871Industrial microbiologyParihar110
872Industrial microbiology.-2nd editionPatel2nd ed1
873Industrial microbiology.-4th editionReed4th ed5
874Information generation and its use by agricultural scientistSharma1
875Information to information TechnologyITL Education Solutions Limited25
876Information to information Technology(Express Learning )ITL Education Solutions Limited25
877Innovations in plant science and biotechnologyWani19
878Inrtoduction to agrometeorologyh.s.mavi25
879Insect pests of fruit cropsFryer5
880Insect viruses and pest managementHunter-Fujita F.R3
881Instant notes in food biotechnologyJain15
882Instant notes in food biotechnologyNisha Jain15
883Instrumentals methods of analysisHobart H.Wiiard72
884Instumental Methods of Chemical AnalysisGurdeep R.Chatwal,Sham K.Anand6
885Integrated insect pest managementRao10
886Integrated management of stoned grain pestGhoshfirst edition2
887Integrated nutrients management for sustaining crop productivity & soil healthChand1st ed2
888Integrated organic farming handbookNIIR Board1
889Integrated pest managementG.S .Dhaliwal ramesh arora10
890Integrated pest managementShagupta4
891Integrated pest management principles,appplications and vol2Singh6
892Integrated soild waste managementTchobanoglou4
893Integrated use of UREA-DAP briquettes for cropsSavant1st ed2
894Integrated water resource managementSarbhukan1st ed1
895Intellectual property rights demystifiedRamkumar10
896International marketing-10th edMichael R.Czinkota10th ed2
897Introducing psychology brain 4th editionKosslyn4th ed3
898Introduction to Information TechnologyAlexis Leon ; Mathews Leon ; Leena Leon3
899Introduction to information technologyITL Education Solutions Limited2nd ed10
900Introduction plant biochemistryGoodwin Mercer25
901Introduction taxonomy of angiospermsB.K.Verma1
902Introduction to agricultural economics and agribusiness managementTalathi15
903Introduction to agricultural engineeringRoth25
904Introduction to agricultural engineering : a problem solving approach.- 2nd editionRoth2nd ed5
905Introduction to agricultural engineering technology .-3rd editionField3rd ed1
906Introduction to agricultural engineering technology .-3rd editionSoliethird edition1
907Introduction to Agrometrology and AgrometeorologySR Reddy3 rev & enlarge10
908Introduction to Agrometrology.H.S.Mavi2nd ed1
909Introduction to agrometrology.-2nd editionMavi8
910Introduction to agronomy food crops and environmentSheafer ; Moncadasecond edition4
911Introduction to biochemical engineering .-2nd editionRao24
912Introduction to biostatistics and research methodsP.S.Sundar Rao51
913Introduction to biotechnologyK.S.Bilgrami15
914Introduction to computerAlex Leon2
915Introduction to computerPeter Norton7th ed1
916Introduction to Crop PhysiologyS.Sathiyaraj,K.P.Sathiakumar,S.Nanthakumar12
917Introduction to envirnomental scienceY.Anjaneyulu1
918Introduction to environment managementM M.Sulphey3rd ed2
919introduction to environmentals.k.rajkishore .r.sunitha l.vidhaya raghuraman1
920Introduction to environmental biotechnologyA.K.Chatterji31
921Introduction to food biotechnologySkariyachan15
922Introduction to food biotechnologySkrariyachan15
923Introduction to forestry and aggro forestryK.T.Parthiban N.Krishnakumar M.Karthik1
924Introduction to forestry and agroforestryK.T.Parthiban ,N.Krishnakumar ,M.Karthik1
925Introduction to general and applied entomologyAwasthi3rd ed5
926Introduction to horticultureN.Kumar1
927Introduction to horticulture 7th editionKumar13
928Introduction to information technologyEfraim Turban2nd ed1
929Introduction to insect pest managementMetcalf R.L5
930Introduction to landscaping: design ,construction and maintainance 3rd editionBiondo R.J1
931Introduction to mathematics for life scientistsBatschelet3rd ed5
932Introduction to nanatechnologyCharles P.Polle4
933Introduction to NanotechnologyCharles P.Poole5
934Introduction to plant biochemistry 2nd editionGoodwin2nd ed5
935Introduction to plant biotechnology.- 3rd editionChawla32
936Introduction to plant cell tissue and organ cultureProhit Sunil D1
937Introduction to plant pathologyStrange R.N5
938Introduction to plant tissue culture.- 2nd editionRazdan21
939Introduction to principles of plant pathologySingh5
940Introduction to pteridophytaRajan15
941Introduction to Spices , Plantation Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic PlantsN.Kumar210
942Introduction to spices, plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic plantsKumar2nd ed1
943Introduction to the constitution of indiaBrij Kishore Sharma71
944Introductionary probability and statistical applicationsMeyuer21
945Introductiory pedology soil genesis,survey & classificationSeghal2 rev1
946Introductory rural sociologyJ.B.Chitambar3rd rep10
947Introductory MicrobiologyD.Blachandar,R.Thamizh Vendan3
948Introductory MicrobiologyR.P.Singh5
949Introductory plant pathologyChaube1st rep5
950Introductory plant physiologyG.Ray Noggle,George J Fritz2nd ed2
951Introductory soil scienceD.K.Das4th10
952Introductory soil scienceDasfirst edition2
953Invasive plant ecology in natural and agricultural systemsBooth.B.D21
954Irrigation agronomyGanesaraja2
955Irrigation and drainageA K Gupta1
956Irrigation and water engineeringShagupta5
957Irrigation and water resources engineeringAsawa1st ed1
958Irrigation and water supplyDilip Kumar Majumdar2nd ed1
959Irrigation engineeringBasak32 rd re2
960Irrigation engineeringRagunath1
961Irrigation resourcesVerma1
962Irrigation theory and practiceA M .Michael2nd rep1
963Irrigation theory and practiceA.M.Michael2nd ed10
964Irrigation water managementDillip kumar majumdar24
965Jatropka curcas l. Silviculture and usesKaushik2nd ed imp10
966Kalnadai valarphil theevanap payirkalT.Sivakumar;N.Kumaravelu;S.Senthilkumar11
967Kava from entology to pharmacologySingh1
968Key notes horticulture and agriculture extensionChavan10
969Key notes on agricultural economics business management and statisticsChavan10
970Key notes on agriculture botanyChavan11
971Key notes on agriculture chemistry and soil scienceChavan10
972Key notes on agronomyChavan5
973Key notes on biochemistry and biotechnologyChavan10
974Key notes on entomology plant pathology & microbiologyChavan5
975Key notes on genetics and plant breedingReddy5
976Know your foodsS.N.Mahindru15
978Laboratory guide for identification of plant pathogenic bacteriaSchaad21
979Laboratory manual for genetic engineeringVennison1
980Laboratory manual for genetics engineeringVennison4
981Laboratory manual in bio chemistryJayaraman25
982Laboratory manual of analytical technology in horticultureSaini10
983Laboratory manual of fruit and vegetable productsCruoss10
984Laboratory Manual of Microbiology (Practical Manual Series - 5 )A.K.Roy , M.M.Prasad5
985Laboratory manual of microbiology ,biochemistry and molecular biologySaxena5
986Laboratory manual of microbiology and biotechnologyAneja11
987Laboratory manual on soil physical propertiesRao5
988Laboratory manual on soil physical propertiesSinga Rao15
989Laboratory techniques in sericultureGoel5
990Laboratory Techniques of Basic Microbiology for the BeginnersA.U.Muzaddadi11
991Laboratory testing of soils rocks and aggregatesSivakugan Nfirst edition4
992Land and Water Management EngineeringV.V.N.Murthy , Madan Kumar Jha73
993land and water management engineeringv.v.n.murty ,madhan kumar jha75
994landscape gardeningsudhir pradhan2
995Landscape gardening vol-1Banker Narendra12
996Landscape gardening vol-2Banker Narendra12
997Landscaping irrigation & floriculture terminologySingh12
998Leafy vegetableRajan11
999Learn englishChaudhuri1
1000Learn english through tamilR.Govindachari2
1001Life science in tools c techniquesBisen15
1002Livestock and Poultry Production ManagementM.Bojiraj,A.Sumithra,K.Porteen,K.ilayakumar21
1003Lockhart&wiseman's crop husbandry including grasslandFinch85
1004Maintenance of horticultural equipmentReynolds1st2
1005Maize crop sciencePanda10
1006management and entreprenershipveerabadrappan havinal5
1007Management of fungal plant pathogensArya.A1
1008Management of municipal solid wasteRamachandra3
1009Management of post harvest disease of fruits, vegetables and tuber cropsIcar1
1010Mango CultivationPrakash11
1011MaNGO insect pest managementSrivasthava1st ed Rep5
1012Mannilum vinnilum uyerinangalJ.Fenelon12
1013Manual for organic farmingHajra9
1014Manual of ethnobotanyJain25
1015Manual of microbiologySharma2nd ed5
1016Manual on avian production and managementGhosh1st ed1
1017manual on fundamentals of agronomylokesh kumar jain, ravindra kumar jain1
1018Manula of medical treesPresad Reshmi1
1019Manure,fertilizers and pesticide: theory and applicationsRakshit1st ed7
1020Manures,fertilizers and pesticides theory and applicationRakshitfirst ed5
1021Marketing managementRamaswamy, Namakumari510
1022Marketing managementPhilip Kotler155
1023Marketing of agricultural products.- 9th editionKohls9th ed1
1024Marketing of processed fruit and vegetableChoudhury2
1025Mathematical and statistical method for genetic analysis 2nd editionLange21
1027Mechanism and theory in food chemistryWons5
1028Mechanism theory in food chemistryWong14
1029Mechanisms of plant fertilizationSharma2
1030Medical entrance objective biology vol-I botanyVerma5
1031Medicial plants inindustry(question bank)Sammbamurthy Avss11
1032Medicinal and aromatic plants of the worldMathe . A1
1033Medicinal chemistryThomas. G1
1034Medicinal plant biotechnologyVeeresham .C13
1035Medicinal plant of indiaZafar1st ed4
1036Medicinal plants of the world vol-I 2nd editionRoss I.A1
1037Medicinal plants: anti-diabetic and hypoglycaemic activitiesRay,A.B11
1038Medicinal plants: hypolipidemic,hypocholesterolemic and antiatherosclerotic propertiesChansouria J.P11
1039Mega dictionaryS.Shrinivasan44
1040Metabolism of agrochemicals in plantsRoberts1
1041Methods and techniques in plant nematologyN G .Ravichandra4
1042Methods in biotechnology and bio engineeringVyas S.P15
1043Methods in environmental analysis water soil and airGupta2nd ed9
1044Methods in molecular biology plant functional genomicsGrotewold .E1st rep1
1045Methods in plant molecular biologySchuler1st rep10
1046Methods on physico-chemical analysis of fruitsMazumdar2
1047Microbes: in actionSingh110
1048Microbial control of weedsDavid O.Tebeest1st ed rep5
1049Microbial control of weedsTebeeat Do11
1050Microbial ecologyPurohit10
1051Microbial ecology: fundamentals and application.-4th editionAtlas4th ed5
1052Microbial physiologyKumari5
1053Microbial technology concepts and applicationPuvanakrishnan2
1056MicrobiologyMichael J.Perlczar1
1057Microbiology Text and Competative GuideSartaj A.R.Shaikh13
1058Microbiology 4th editionBaker1
1059Microbiology 8th editionBlack81
1060Microbiology : Fundamentals and ApplicationsS.S.Purohit71
1061Microbiology an introductionTortora91
1062Microbiology-An IntroductionGerard J.Tortora,Berdell R.Funke,Christine L.Case115
1063Microbiology.- 5th editionPelczar51
1064Microeconomic : Theory and ApplicationsD N Dwivedi33
1065Microeconomics theory and applicationsD.N.Dwivedi2nd ed7
1066Milk and milk products technologyRajagopal2
1067Mineral nutrition of cropsRengel Z1st ed Rep3
1068Minimally processed fruit and vegetablesAlzamora1
1069Minor fruit crops of india tropical and subtropicalMazumdar2
1070MintLawrence .C1
1071MLA handbook for writers of research paper.- 7th editonMla75
1072Modern algebraArumugam1
1073Modern concepts in agricultureDilip Kumar Dasgupta12
1074Modern concepts of biotechnologyH D Kumar1
1075Modern concepts of biotechnologyKumar1
1076Modern crop protectionZadoks J.C1
1077Modern ecconomic theoryDewett1 rev3
1078Modern Economic TheoryK.K.Dewett , M.H.Navelur1st7
1079Modern EntomologyD.B.Tambhare210
1080Modern food microbiologyJay15
1081Modern microeconomicsA.Koutsoyiannis2 nd ed1
1082Modern mush room cultivationSingh1st ed rep8
1083Modern plant pathologyDube2nd edition15
1084Modern plant pathology .-2nd editionDube21
1085Modern principles of agronomySrivastava2
1086Modern principles of agronomySrivasthava10
1087Modern principles of agronomyV.C.Srivastava3
1088Modern techniques of raising field cropsChhidda Singh2nd ed1
1089Modern techniques of raising field cropsChhidda Singh,Prem Singh,Rajbir Singh2nd ed3
1090Modern techniques of raising field cropschidda singh ,prem singh ,rajbir singh213
1091Modern techniques of raising field crops.-2nd editionSingh2nd ed6
1092Modern Technology in Vegetable ProductionPranab Hazra2
1093Modern vegetable varieties & production technologySingh D.K11
1094Molecular and cellular biology of filamentous fungiTalbot5
1095Molecular biologyKumar2nd rev ed2
1096Molecular biologyRastogi1 rep5
1097Molecular biology of plant virusesMandahar6
1098Molecular biology: a complete courseSingh15
1099Molecular biotechnologyMorris15
1100Molecular endocrinology.-3rd editionBolander3rd ed1
1101Molecular genetices at a glanceSingh11
1102Molecular genetics and breeding of forest treesKumar.A1
1103Molecular genetics: an introductory narrative.-2nd editionStent2nd ed3
1104Molecular Microbial EcologyA.Mark Osborn, Cindy J.Smith1
1105Molecular plant biology vol-IGilmartin1
1106Molecular plant biology vol-IIGlimartin1
1107Molecular plant development from gene to plantWesthoff1
1108Mooligai magaththuvamThevoor Mani Vaithiyar12
1110Mulberry sericulture: problems and prospectsJaiswal5
1111Multipurpose tree species:research -retrospect and prospectSolanki10
1112Munnorgal Samaitha Mooligai SamaiyalK.Renuka11
1113Mush room : cultivation and usesSuman11
1114Mush room : production and processing technologyPathak10
1115Mushroom growingDey10
1116Mushrooming of mushroomsJha5
1117Mutation breedingPurohitfirst ed10
1118Nanaotechnology and plant scienceSiddiqui.M.H1
1119Nano materialsViswanathan5th rep5
1120Nano the essentials:understanding nanoscience and nanotechnologyPradeep.T11th ed10
1122Natural products from plantsLeland24
1123Natural resources management for eco-development and livelihoodMadhu.M1
1124naveena velan tholil nutpangalk.ramaswamy,c.balachandiran,c.palanisamy2
1125Neem and pest managementSrivasthava11
1126Neem in human animal healthSingh11
1127Neem serva roga nivariniSingh1st ed2
1128Neem the divine tree azadirachta indiaPuri1
1129Neem: the village pharmacySingh1st ed1
1130Nematode control in cropsAlam M.M; Sharma11
1131Nematode pathogenesis of insects and other pestsCampos41
1132Nematology : Fundamentals and ApplicationsE.I.Jonathan2
1133Nerpayir Paadhukaapu KalanjiamR.Ramesh,K.Chozhan11
1134New approaches for fast forward agricultural productionMalik10
1135New dimension in agroecologyClement,D1
1136New ingredients in food processing biochemistry and agricultureLorient1
1137New perspective on marketing of horticultural crops in north east indiaSingh2
1138New vistas of organic farming.- 2nd editionJoshi25
1139NGO's in India: Role, Guidelines & Performance AppraisalPuran Chandra1 (2 rep)5
1140Nilam thedum vethaigai (samuka vilipunaryu veedi naadakkal olippeliyudan)Veempu Makkal Sakthi Iyyakam2
1141Noi Theerkum KeeraigalK.S.Subramani11
1142Noi Theerkum PazhangalK.S.Subramani11
1143Non conventional energy sourcesRai5th ed5
1144Non verbal reasoningArihant1
1145Non-conventional energy resourcesKhan2nd5
1146Non-conventional energy systemAgarwal5
1147Nonconventional energyDesai1st ed1
1148Novel enzyme technology for food applicationsRobert Rastall1
1149Numerical methodsKandasamy1st ed5
1150Nursery and landscapingAmarnath10
1151Nursery and plantation practices in forestryvinodh kumar2nd ed5
1152Nutracelatical values oh horticultural crops and productsdhurendra singh,p.n.sivalingam1
1153Nutrition ScienceB Srilakshmi510
1154Nutrition scienceGajalakshmi15
1155Nutritional Disorders in Fruit Crops : Diagnosis and ManagementM. Prakash , K.Balakrishnan , A.Rathinasamy1
1156Nutritional disorders in fruit crops diagnosis and managementm.prakash,k.balakrishnan2
1157Nutritional Disorders in Fruit Crops:Diagnosis and ManagementM.Prakash , K.Balakrishnan , A.Rathinasamy1
1158Object oriented programming with c++E.Balagurusamy5th rep2
1159objective entomology and nemotologys.v.sai prasad ,v .sridhar s.n sushill21
1160Objective agribusiness managementPanigrahy5
1161Objective agricultural economicsKumar3 rev2
1162Objective agricultural engineeringMu. Kale2nd ed1
1163Objective agricultural entomologyBagde1st ed rep10
1164objective agricultural entomologyDr.Sharma ,M.Haldhar10
1165Objective agricultural microbiologyDeepak Kumar Verma11
1166Objective Agriculture at a GlanceD.Rajarajan,S.Gangadharan,J.Kabariel,R.Sar an,R.Harish.,etc110
1167Objective agriculture science (question bank as per syllabus )Chavan2nd revised editio5
1168Objective agriculture statisticsKushwaha10
1169objective agronomyN.thavaprakash K.Velayudham20
1170Objective agronomySingh5
1171Objective agronomyVishwakarma10
1172Objective arithmeticsAggarwal1st ed1
1173Objective biochemistryN.Arun;S.Karthick5
1174Objective biochemistrySenger10
1175Objective biotechnologySendar15
1176Objective botanyCharya165
1177Objective botanyPulliah5
1178Objective botanySaxena162
1179objective crop productionT.V.PRASAD ,P.SRINIVAS310
1180Objective english for competitive exam.-5th editionPrasad5th ed5
1181Objective entomologyRanjeet Kumar11
1182Objective entomologys.v.sai prasad ,v .sridhar s.n sushill29
1183Objective entomologyT.V.Prasad10
1184Objective entomology and nemotologys.v.sai prasad v.sridhar25
1185Objective food science & tehnologyMudgil2 rev5
1186Objective food technologyKethavathu5
1187Objective forestry for all competitive examinationParthiban2nd ed5
1188Objective general englishAggarwal1st ed1
1189Objective geneticsKumar11
1190Objective geneticsSingh3rd rev2
1191Objective horticultureSingh1st2
1192Objective horticultureVerma10
1193Objective life science: mcqs for life science examinationsChodhary5
1194Objective microbiologyNandi10
1195Objective MicrobiologyS.Nandi5
1196Objective non-verbal reasoningVikas1
1197Objective plant pathologyBanik5
1198Objective plant physiologyDwivedi2 rev5
1199Objective plant science at a glanceVerma5
1200Objective questions in dairy science & technology and food & dairy engineeringHarish Sharma1st ed5
1201Objective soil physicsKumar5
1202Objective zoologyDeepak Series Test Preparation232
1203Objective zoologySaxena235
1204Oil seed brassica: constraints& their managementBhowmik1st ed2
1205Operation care and repair air of farm machineryDeere1
1206Operation research principles and problemsVenkatakrish52
1207Operations and Supply Chain ManagementRichard , Ravi Shankar, F.Robert Jacobs1410
1208Orchard irrigation and soil management pest practiceMazsumdar5
1209Organelle genomes in plant breedingThirugnanakumar10
1210Organic Farming : A Simplified Text BookT.Pandiaraj P.Lakshmankumar14
1211Organic agriculture and climate change mitigationNigglifirst edition3
1212Organic farmingSuri5
1213Organic farming : components and managementGehlot10
1214organic farming for sustainable agricultureA.K.Dahama25
1215Organic farming theory & practicePalaniyappan5
1216organic farming theory and practiceS.P.Palaniyappan k.annadurai5
1217Organic farming: principle, prospects and problemsDeshmukh110
1218Organic tea : cultivation and marketingHajra,N.Ghosh11
1219Ornamental Gardening and LandscapingM.Kannan, P.Ranchana , S.Vinodh1
1220Ornamental plant propagation in the tropics -158Fao11
1221Ornamental plant propagation in the tropics -159Fao11
1222Our earth environmentMubben1st ed1
1223Outlines of biochemistry a quick reviewRastogi15
1224Outlines of dairy technologyDe1
1225Outlines of diary technologyDe Ak2
1226Oxford consise dictionary of mathsChristopher Clapham ;James Nicholson41
1227Oxford dictionary of scienceMarketing House Books Ltd61
1228Oxford english -english -tamil dictionaryV.Murugan171
1229Panchgavya boon to organic farmingSwaminathanfirst edition2
1230Pant molecular geneticsChakraborty5
1231Parthenium its hazardous effects and managementReddy10
1232Participatory curriculum development in agricultural education : a training guideFao11
1233Pathological investigation with analysisDashora5
1234Payan migu palaaK.S.Shanmugam11
1235Payan tharum maruthuva katturaigalS.Raja12
1236Perspective on social forestrySharma2
1237Perspectives in insect behaviourAgarwal M.L11
1238Pest and vector management in the tropicsYoudeowei1
1239pest management in field cropss.manisegaran,r.p.soundararajan10
1240Pest management in field crops : principlesManisegaran5
1241Pest management in field crops:principles and practicesManisegaran ,S5
1242Pest management in horticulture cropsVerma1
1243Pest management in vegetables vol-ISrivasthava21
1244Pest management in vegetables vol-IISrivasthava21
1245Pesticide pollutionS.K.Agarwal5
1246Pesticide residues in forward commoditiesGupta2nd10
1247Pests and pathogens: management strategiesDashavantha5
1248Pests of stored foodstuffs and their controlHill1
1249Pharmacodynamic basic of herbal medicine 2nd editionEbadi M21
1250PharmocolognosyRoseline A5
1251Phenotyping crop plants for physiological and biotech trailsSudhakar5
1253Photosynthesis: physiological biochemical and molecular aspectsPurohit10
1254Physical chemistry of food processes vol-2Baianu I.C5
1255Physiological genetics of agricultural cropsBalni2
1256Physiological plant ecology ecophysiology and stress physiologic of function groupLarcher4th ed2
1257Physiology of abiotic stress in plantsDwivedi110
1258Physiology of crop plantsGardner1st ed rep5
1259Physiology of crop productionFageria N.K1
1260Physiology of fungiBilgrami3rd rev5
1261Phytochemical methodsHarborene35
1262Phytopathogenic procaryotes and plant diseasesThind5
1263Plant PathologyGeroge N.Agrios51
1264plant bio-chemistry for agricultural sciences.sathayaraj ,s.alagendran m.sivaji,h.vijayaragavan6
1265Plant biochemistryDey11
1266Plant BiochemistryV.Arunkumar,N.Senthilkumar,K.Sivakumar4
1267Plant biotechnologyC.B.Nirmala5
1268Plant biotechnologyShekhawat1
1269Plant biotechnology 2nd editionSlater26
1270Plant biotechnology:the genetic manipulation of plantsAdrian Slater23
1271Plant breeding methodsRam6
1272Plant breeding related legislationsSingh5
1273Plant cell and tissue cultureVasil I.K1
1274Plant cell and tissue culture for the production of food ingredientsFu5
1275Plant cell biology.- 2nd editionHawes21
1276Plant cell cultureDixon15
1277Plant cell wall analysisLinskens H.F1
1278Plant disease their causes and controlChowdhury5
1279Plant diseasesR S.Singh1
1280Plant diseases their biology and special impactSchumann1st pep2
1281Plant diseases.-9th editionSinghninth ed6
1282Plant ecologyVerma5
1283Plant fibers: modern methods of plant analysisLinskens H.F1
1284Plant functional genomicsGrotewold .E1st rep2
1285Plant genetic engineeringGrieraon1st rep5
1286Plant growth in alumium stress environmentsSingh12
1287Plant growth regulators in agriculture and horticulture: their role and role commercial usesBasra A.S1
1288Plant molecular biologyShaw5
1289Plant molecular biotechnologyMahesh15
1290Plant nematology : A Fundamental ApproachAvinash Bohra , Anamika15
1291Plant nematology: a fundamental approachAvinash Bohra15
1293Plant nursery managementRay5
1294Plant pathologyBurns1
1295Plant pathology 5th editionAgrios51
1296Plant pathology :pathogen and plant diseasePandeyfirst edition2
1297Plant pathology at a glance:(encyclopedia of plant pathology)Tripathi5
1298Plant physiologyS.N.Padey;B.K.Sinha4th ed1
1299Plant physiologySalisbury35
1300Plant physiologyDatta15
1301Plant physiologyMohr1
1302Plant PhysiologyV.Verma25
1303Plant physiologyVerma25
1304Plant physiology and developmentLincoln Taiz ;Eduardo Zeiger61
1305Plant physiology:fundamentals and applicationsKumar21
1306Plant propagation principles &practicesHudson T.Hartmann81
1307Plant Propagation: Principles and PracticesH T.Hartmann ,Dale E.Kester81
1308Plant protection in tropical root and tuber cropsReddy . P.P1
1309Plant proteomicsKumari5
1310Plant proteomicsMishra5
1311Plant reproductionT.Puilah5
1312Plant taxonomySharma3rd rep1
1313Plant taxonomy.-2nd editionSharma3rd rep1
1314Plant tissue cultureJha15
1315Plant tissue cultureKumar5
1316Plant tissue cultureMishra15
1317Plant tissue culturePurohit10
1318Plant tissue culture : theory and practicalsPulliah5
1319Plant tissue culture: theory and practiceBhojwani11
1320Plant tissue culture:basic and appliedJha5
1321Plant toxin analysisLinskens H.F1
1322Plant viruses as molecular pathogensKhan J.K1st ed Rep5
1323Plant volative analysis : modern methods of plant analysisLinskens H.F1
1324Plant water aborption and transporationPurohit10
1326Plantation Crops at a GlanceBhani Ram , Mamta Dall , Anil Sharma5
1327Plants from test tubesKyte31
1328Pomegrantes ancient roots modern medicineSeeram1
1329Popular farming (populus deltoides)Jhafirst edition2
1330Post harvest biology and technology of horticultural cropsSiddiqui M.W1
1331Post harvest biotechnology of horticultural cropsV.Ponnuswami11
1332Post harvest engineeringShagupta5
1333Post harvest food grain storageBarman10
1334Post harvest management & processing of fruits & vegetables instant notesSharma10
1335Post harvest management of MangoSrihari Babu5
1336Post harvest oxidate stress in horticultural cropsHodges11
1337Post harvest pathogens and disease managementNarayanasamy2
1338Post harvest pathogens and disease managementNarayanaswamy14
1339Postharvest engineering of fruits and vegetablesPhirke P.S1st ed1
1340Poultary productionDas S.K1st rep5
1341Poultry disease:a guide for farmers and poultry professionalVegad1st rep5
1342Poultry diseases: at a glanceNandi .S1st ed1
1343Poultry meat and ego productionParkhurst; Mountney1st ed rep5
1344Poultry science and practice: a text bookGhosh1st5
1345Practical botanyChoudhary14
1346Practical exercise in cytology, genetics, plant breeding,biostatisticsRaghuvanshi, R.K1st3
1347Practical manual for botany vol-1Margaret14
1348Practical manual on basic agronomyDas5
1349Practical Manual on crop productionVakadri1st ed rep5
1350Practical Manual on crop productionYakadri25
1351Practical nursey productionSaini10
1352Practical palnt biotechnologyPurohit110
1353Practical statistics and experimental design for plant crop scienceClewer A.G5
1354Practicals in basic entomologySathe1st rep5
1355Practice manual on principles and practices of social forestryJoseph5
1356Precise chemistry of natural products and heterocyclic compounds:for pharmacy&sciencestudentsSiddiqui15
1357Prescott's microbiologyWilley81
1358Presentation skills for studentsEmden5
1359Prevention of post harvest food losses: fruits, vegetbles and root cropsFao2
1360Principle and method of plant molecular biology and geneticsDevi9
1361Principle of fruit preservation 3rd editionMorris3 rev2
1362Principles and practice of managementL.M.Prasad9th ed9
1363Principles of managementKoontz ,Weihrich ,Aryasri2nd ed10
1364Principles & practices agronomySingh21
1365Principles and pracice of soil science .-4th editionR E.White4th edition1
1366Principles and pracice of soil science .-4th editionWhite4th edition5
1367Principles and pracices of dry land agricultureGovindan2
1368Principles and practice of agronomy.- 2nd editionBalasubramanisecond edition5
1369Principles and practices of agricultural disaster managementMurthy5
1370Principles and practices of agronomyS.Balasubramaniyan2nd ed6
1371Principles and practices of water managementPanda1st10
1372Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyKeith Wilson, John Walker74
1373Principles in the quantitative analysis of waters,fertilizers,plants and soilsU.S.Sree Ramulu10
1374Principles in weed managementAldrich1st ed rep2
1375Principles of agricultural biochemistryPurohit8
1376Principles of agricultural chemistryC .S.Fraps1
1377Principles of agricultural chemistryC.S.Fraps1
1378Principles of Agricultural EngineeringA.M.Michael, T.P.Ojha5 Rev3
1379Principles of Agricultural EngineeringT.P.Ojha & A.M.Michael3
1380Principles of agricultural meteorologyMote5
1381Principles of agronomyReddy61
1382Principles of AgronomySR Reddy5 Rev9
1383Principles of AgronomyT.Yellamanda Reddy , G.H.Sankara Reddy5 Rev20
1384principles of agronomyt.yellamanda reddy ,g.h.sankara reddy7
1385Principles of biochemistryNelson61
1386principles of crop productionsri reddy & c.naga5
1387Principles of crop production .- 2nd editionAquaah2nd1
1388principles of environmental scienceDr.m.Sanjeeva gandhi ,Dr.R.Loganathan1
1389Principles of environmental science-induiry and applicationsBala Krishnamoorthy46
1390Principles of farm machinery .-3rd editionKepner1st rep5
1391Principles of forest pathologyTainter F.H3
1392Principles of geneticsPurohit S.S1
1393Principles of genetics and cytogeneticsKrishnan , Senthil31
1394Principles of genetics.-8th editionGardner1
1395Principles of geographical information systemsBurrough1
1396Principles of horticultural physiologyDurner E.F1
1397Principles of horticulture.-2nd educationPrasad21
1398Principles of immunology:Sinha;Basant Kumar11
1399Principles of information systemRalph Stair1
1400Principles of insect behaviourAwasthi2nd ed5
1401Principles of insect morphologySnodgrass1st rep10
1402Principles of ManagementHarold Koontz25
1403Principles of MicrobiologyRonald M.Atlas21
1404Principles of microbiologySumbali5
1405Principles of MicroeconomicsN.Gregory Mankiw63
1406Principles of pesticide chemistryS.K.Handa10
1407Principles of physics .- 3rd editionWalker5
1408Principles of plant breedingAllard R.W2nd edition4
1409Principles of plant pathologyG.P.Tagtap4
1410Principles of plant pathologyJagtap6
1411Principles of plant pathologyVidhayasekara14
1412Principles of plant pathologyVidhyasekaranfirst edition5
1413Principles of soil chemistryTan K.H14
1414Principles of soil chemistryWhite .A61
1415Principles of weed science 2nd editionRao2nd ed rep7
1416Principless of sustainable soil management in agroeco systemsLal.R1
1417Problems facing plant breedingDas1st ed5
1418Problems facing plant breedingDas L.D.Vfirst ed5
1419Production and processing of food crops for value addition: technology and genetic optionsBehl10
1420Production of field cropWolfe T.K1
1421Production technology of medicinal & aromatic plantsSyamal1st ed2
1422Production technology of medicinal & aromatic plantsSyamal M.M1st1
1423Production technology of spicesA.Shakila15
1424Production technology of spicesTiwari R.S1
1425Production technology of spicsShakila1st5
1426Production technology of vegetables & flowersKureel2
1427Production technology on bio-organic inputsSingh A.K1st ed1
1428Programing in ANSI CE.Balagurusamy6th ed5
1429Projects planing,analysis ,selection,financing,implementation,and reviewA .K. De8th ed6
1430Propagation of Horticultural Crops: Horticulture Science Series-6S.Rajan, Baby Lissy Markose3
1431Protein bioinformatics from sequnce to functionGromiha1
1432Protein purification techniques.- 2th editionRoe22
1433Public relations writing .- 6th editonBivins6th ed1
1434Pulse productivityPanwar1
1435Puthiya Thamizhappunarchi VithikalS.Seeni Naina Mohamed12
1436Qualitative chemical semi micro analysisAlexeyev V.N1st5
1437Quantitative techniques.-3rd editionKothari3rd ed1
1438Question bank agricultural engineeringGodara10
1439Question bank for agricultural competitionsSharma15
1440Question Bank in Extension EducationAsif Mohammad,K.Ponnusamy,Rajiv Baliram Kale1
1441Question bank in extension educationMohamad10
1442Question bank in life sciences - 2nd editionChauhan22
1443Question bank in post harvest technologyGuleria10
1444Question bank medical entrance botanyVerma5
1445Question bank of biochemistryKhan10
1446Question bank of microbiologyKumar5
1447Question Bank on Agricultural EngineeringShesh Nath Rawat & Jagdish S.Nikhade43
1448Question bank on agriculture for competitive examsSingh3 rev6
1449Question bank on food science and technologyChavan5
1450Question bank: seed science and technologyVanangamudi5
1451Question plant sciencesK.Vanagamudi2
1452Questions on soil science and general knowledgeChand15
1453Questions on soil science and general knowledgeChand. S13
1454Rainwater harvesting and disaster managementSingh11
1455Reactive oxygen species andoxidative damage in plants under stressGupta D.K1
1456Recent advances in plant nematologyTrivedi P.C15
1457Recent advances in plant pathologyHusainfirst edition5
1458Recent advances in pomegranteSheikh R.S11
1459Recent initiative in agricultureS K.Tyagi1
1460Recent initiatives in agricultureTyagi10
1461Recent trends in biotechnologyPullaiah2
1462Recent trends in rapid diagnosis of plant pathogensKumar5
1463Recent trends in rapid diagnosis of plant pathogensReddi Kumar4
1464Recombinant DNA technology & genetic engineeringRajagopal1
1465Remedial biologySingh1st ed5
1466Remote sensing and image interpretationThomas M.Lillesand65
1467Remote sensing image analysisSteven M.De Jong1st rep1
1468Remote sensing principles and applicationsPatel2nd rev ed5
1469Renewable energy resources- 2nd edJohn Twidell2nd rep5
1470Renewable Energy Sources and Emerging TechnologiesD.P.kothari, K.C.Singal,Rakesh Ranjan21
1471Renewable energy.-4th editionSorensen4th ed2
1472Renewable energy:power for a sustainable future-3rd edGodfrey Boyle3rd ed5
1473Research methodology methods and techniquesC.R Kothari Gaurav Garg3rd ed5
1474Research methodologyBill Taylor1
1475Research methodologyRohilla1
1476Research methodology concepts and casesChawla12
1477Research methodology for scientific researchPrathapan1
1478Research methodology in agricultureSingh5
1479Research methodologyfor biological sciencesGurumani ,N5
1480Research methods for the biosciencesHolmes11
1481Resource concerving techniquesin crop productionSharma5
1482Resumes and interviews the art of winningRizvi4th rep5
1483Rice crop productionKrishnaprabh5
1484Rice production, preservation and marketingAmbasht5
1485Rice scienceChandrasekara5
1486Role of NGO in rural developmentGomesfirst published10
1487Roses and how to grow themWest2
1488Rural extension handbookSingh11
1489Rural Marketing -Indian PerspectiveAwadhesh Kumar Singh, Satyaprakash Pandey13
1490Rural marketing environment problems and strategiesGopalaswamy7th ed1
1491salt affected soils:reclamendation and managements.k.gupta ,i.c.gupta1
1492sanka ilakkiyathil Iyarkkaik Kuriyeedu : Ainthinai Malarkalum MarabukalamJaroslav Vacek, G.Balasubramanian (trans)11
1493Sanka Ilakkiyaththil Velaan SamuthayamP.Mathaiyan210
1494Science of agronomyWalia5
1495Scientific farm animal production : an introduction to animal science 10th editionField101
1496Scientific research methodologyDharmapalan1
1497Seed analysisLinskens H.F11
1498Seed healthAgarwal V.K11
1499Seed legislation in indiaRamamoorthy10
1500Seed physiology and bio chemistry vol-1Vanangamudi1st10
1501Seed physiology and biochemistry vol 1Vanangamudi,K1st pub4
1502Seed planning and policy for agricultural productionKelly A.F1st ed1
1503Seed productionShagupta5
1504Seed production principles and practicesMcdonald P1st5
1505Seed Science & Technology (An Illustrated Text book )K.Vanagamudi1
1506Seed science and seed technologyShagupta5
1507Seed science and technologyCopeland1
1508Seed storage of horticultural cropsDoijode15
1509Seed technology and seed pathologySuri5
1510Seed technology.- 2nd editionAgarwal2nd5
1511Seed technology.- 2nd editionKhare2nd rev ed5
1512Seeds handbook biology,protection,processing and storage 2nd editionDesai1
1513Selvam tharum velaanmai seyal muraikalT.Purusothaman11
1514Semmai nel saakupadiT.Purusothaman24
1515Sensory evaluation of foodLawless21
1516Sericulture and pest managementSathe22
1517Sericulture extension: principles & managementSingh10
1518Sericulture industry an overviewSavitri9
1519Sheep production and managementGupta15
1520Shoot feeding and sericultural trendsSathe5
1521Siddhaa RagasiyamP.Sugumaran11
1522Silk culture : a bio chemical approachPandey5
1523Silk worm cropsChakravorthy5
1524Small scale broiler productionSreenivasaiah P.V11
1525Social Forestry and AgroforestryM.P.Divya,K.T.Parthiban,K.vanangamudi,K.sri nivasan,M.Govinda1
1526Soft skills for a flat worldManallack1
1527Soil Morphology,Genesis,and ClassificationDelvin S.Fanning2
1528Soil and green house effect monitoring and mitigationPathakfirst edition5
1529Soil and orchard managementSharma5
1530Soil and plant analysisPiper1
1531Soil and soil fertility.-4th editionTroehsixth edition2
1532Soil and water chemistryEssingtion1st rep1
1533Soil and Water Conservation EngineeringR.Suresh6
1534Soil and water conservation research in indiaIcar1st rep1
1535Soil chemical analysisJackson21
1536Soil chemistryBohn H.L3rd edition5
1537Soil conservation management and analysisMadireddi V. Subba Rao1
1538Soil conservation technical handbookDoug H.Hicks1
1539Soil engineering in theory and practice vol-IISingh2nd ed1
1540Soil erosion and conservation .-3rd editionMorgan3rd ed1
1541Soil erosion and conservation .-3rd editionTripathifirst edition5
1542Soil Fertility And Fertilizers: An Introduction to Nutrient ManagementJ L Havlin, Samuel L Tisdale81
1543Soil hydrology land use and agricultureShukla M.K1
1544Soil mechancicsLambe1
1545Soil mechanicsS.Arunachalam1st ed1
1546Soil microbiologyMishra5
1547Soil microbiologyRao4th edition4
1548Soil microbiologySingh4th edition2
1549Soil microbiology ecology and biochemistry 3rd editionPaul3rd edition5
1550Soil Microbiology(Soil Microorganisms and Plant Growth)N.S.Subba Rao411
1551Soil PhysicsB P Ghildyal ; R P Tripathi15
1552Soil physicsGhildyal5
1553Soil pollutionMishra5
1554Soil scienceA S Tomar1
1555Soil science & managementPlaster E.J5
1556Soil science simplifiedKohnke41
1557Soil water conservation and dry farmingPanda10
1558Sol Valakku KaiyetuCentral Institute of Indian Language,Mysore.12
1559Solar energyWalker1
1560Solar energy the infinite sourceGhosh5
1561Solar energy utilisationRai5th ed2
1562Solar energy: principal of thermal collection and storageSukhatme15th rep1
1563Solar energy:principles of thermal collection and storageS.P.Sukhatme3rd ed3
1564Solar photovoltaic technology and systemsSolanki2nd pri1
1565Solid and aardous waste managementCherry11
1566sollil Uyarvu Tamil SollayKaviko Gnanaselvan11
1567Species dispersal in agricultural habitatsBunce1st rep5
1568Spice crop production technologyp.c.dass2
1569Spices, Plantation Crops , Medicinal and Aromatic Crops : A HandbookS.K.Tyagi3
1570Spoken englishBalan1
1571Spoken englishR.Govindachari4
1572Spoken english.-3rd editionSasikumar5
1573Statistical methodsDhamu10
1574Statistical methodsMujahida Sayyed1
1575Statistical methods : an introductory textMedhi2nd re ed2
1576Statistics for agricultural scienceRao25
1577Student dictionary of biotechnologyKrishnan10
1578subjective agricultural entomologyshravan m.haldhar210
1579Sugarcane at a glanceSrivastava1st ed2
1580Sugarcane production technology in indiaVerma R.S11
1581Sugarcane ratoon managementVerma1st ed2
1582Sugarcane tiger the phenomen of wildlife in tarai farmlandsShukla Rahul12
1583Sugarcane: physiological basics of sugar recoverySrivasthava11
1584Surveying & levellingN N Basak5
1585Sustainability issues in agricultural and rural development polices vol- 1 traines kitFao11
1586Sustainability issues in agricultural and rural development polices vol- 2 traines kitFao11
1587Sustainable development of dryland agriculture in indiaSingh5
1588Sustainable development through tertilary level environmental studiesBhatacharjee10
1589Sustainable food production and ethicsZollitsch .W11
1590Sustainable tea plantain managementBanerjee G.D12
1591Sustaining traditional agricultural practices for food securityDubey V.K11
1592Sutruchozhal kalviPesumal Kumar21
1593Sutruchozhal kalviT.Sampathkumar21
1594Sutruchozhal kalvi(environmental studies)Susila Appadurai94
1595Sweet sorghum: production processing and utilizationU.D.Chavan1st ed2
1596Synthesis seeds for commerial crop productionKumar2nd ed10
1597Synthetic fertilizer for sustainable agricultureRaju10
1598Systematic and biodiversity conservationNarendran10
1599Systematic botany .-5th editionDatta55
1600Systematic description of fruit cropsKanchan1
1601Tamil Nataik Kaiyetu(Tamil Style Manual )Central Institute of Indian Language,Mysore. Mozhi Trust,Chennai. Tamil1 (6 rep)2
1602Tamilaka marapush selvakkalK.A.Gunasekaran13
1603Tamizhaga sutruchoozalPesumal Kumar22
1604Taxonomy of angiospermsPandey110
1605Tea bioactivity and therapeutic potentialYong-Su Zhen1
1606Tea cultivation: a comperative treatiseHazra N.G1
1607Tea treeSouthwell .I1
1608Teak farming (tectona grandis)Jha5
1609Teak farming(tectona grandis)Jha2
1610Techniques in molecular biologyAgarwal12
1611Techniques in plant tissue culture genetic transformationGupta6
1612Technologies for commercialisation &adoptionIcar1
1613Technologies intervention for management of rural livelihood systemSatpathy10
1614Technology of water managementRaju10
1615Tecxt book of geneticsPurohit10
1616Terminology of soil fertility,fertilizer and organicsChand2
1617Terminology on plant physiologyMurthy5
1618Testing for genetic manipulation in plantsJackson1st rep1
1619Text Book of Fungi Bacteria and VirusesH.C.Dube38
1620Text Book of Fungi Bacteria and VirusesH.C.Dube31
1621Text book of a systematic botany 7th editionGupta75
1622Text book of agroforestryChaundowat2
1623Text book of bacteriologySingh11
1624Text book of biotechnologyToteja5
1625Text book of dairy chemistryMathur1
1626Text book of drainage engineeringKumar2nd ed1
1627Text book of feed processing technologyPathak11
1628text book of field crop production (vol-2)Dr . Rajendra prasad120
1629Text book of food science & technology :unique book for B.Sc.,M.Sc, home science,food science&technology,horticultureSharma2 rev1
1630Text book of forest engineeringIcar1
1631Text book of microbiologyArora4th ed1
1632Text book of microbiologySharma5
1633Text Book of Mycology and Plant PathologyY.S.Arul10
1634Text book of pharmacognosy and phytochemistryMalviya15
1635Text book of plant biotechnologyPurohit10
1636Text Book of Plant PhysiologyC.P.Malik & A.K.Srivastava2
1637Text book of plant propagation and nursery managementSharma20131
1638Text book of remote sensing and geographical information systemReddy4th ed5
1639Text book of soil scienceT.B Biswas S.K.Mukherjee2nd ed4
1640Text book of Soil PhysicsArun kumar saha, Anuradha Saha25
1641Text book of virologySingh11
1642Text book systematic botany- 6th editonGupta75
1643textbook of field crops production in food grain crops (vol-1)Dr.Rajendra prasad120
1644Textbook of agricultural extensionUtpal Barman3
1645Textbook of agronomyB.Chandrasekaran12
1646Textbook of alageK.S.Bilagrami15
1647Textbook of algaeAswathi1
1648Textbook of bacteriologySingh1st ed1
1649Textbook of basic mathematics for forestry, horticulture, agriculture coursesSheel12
1650Textbook of biotechnologyLohar1
1651Textbook of botany angiopersmsB P .Pandy1st ed1
1652Textbook of environmental engineeringNelson11
1653Textbook of environmental sciencesAgarwal5
1654Textbook of field cropsMukund Joshi3
1655Textbook of Field Crops Production:Commercial CropsRajendra Prasad7 rev10
1656Textbook of Field Crops Production:Foodgrain CropsRajendra Prasad6 rev10
1657Textbook of Human NutritionMahtab S.Bamji4th1
1658textbook of introductory plant nemotologyRamman K.Walia, harish K.Bajaj35
1659Textbook of medicinal chemistryNoolvi15
1660Textbook of modern economic botanySammbamurthy15
1661Textbook of plant breedingPurohit10
1662Textbook of plant plant breedingPurohit2
1663Textbook of plant propagation and nursery managementSharma11
1664Textbook of Quantitative Chemical AnalysisJ.Medham,R.C.Denney65
1665Textbook of soil science 2nd edT D.Biswas2nd edition10
1666textbook on agricultural communicationa.s.sandhu10
1667Textbook on food science and human nutrition for under graduatesSharma5
1668Textbook on Rural DevelopmentSagar Mondal,G.L.Ray210
1669The agribusiness bookPandey1st ed2
1670The chemistry and technology of cereals as food and feed .- 2nd editionMatz25
1671The chemistry of Natural ProductsThomson21
1672The craft of business letter writingMonipally1
1673The ecology of agroecosystemsVandermeer1
1674The economics of development and planning .-40th editionJhingan40 rev6
1675The emergence of biotechnologyOrsenigo L5
1676The essential of quantitative aptitude verbal aptitudeBeacon23
1677The evolution of the genomeGregory1st pri1
1678The families and genera of vascular plants vol-XIII(flowering plants monocots)K.Kubitzki1
1679The fungai.-2nd editionCarlile2nd ed1
1680The grape production & processingSheikh R.S11
1681The indian economyVerma22
1682The Insects:Structure and FunctionR.F.Chapman55
1683The manureAlamelu Gupta;Tiwari2
1684The manureTiwari10
1685The nature and properties of soilNyle C.Brady ,Ray R.Weil14th ed4
1686The nature and properties of soilsBrady14th edition1
1687The pear: production ,post- harvest management and protectionSharma11
1688The pomegranateSheikh5
1689The potato evolution,biodiversity& genetic resourcesHawkes J.G2
1690The practice of silvicultureSmith D.M5
1691The science of agriculture : a biological approachHerren41
1692The technology of food preservation .-4th editionDesrosier44
1693The tools of biochemistryTerrance2
1694Theory and analysis of sample survey designsSingh5
1695Theory and application of biometrical geneticsSingh1st5
1696Theory and practice of water and wastewater treatmentDroste2
1697Theory and practice of weed controlStephens1
1698Thirukkural moolamum uraiyumNaamakkal Kavikar2
1699Thol sirappulla indhiya moologaigalR.S.Narayanan22
1700Tillage and crop productionDas5
1701Tillage for sustainable croppingGajri P.R1
1702Timber industries and non timber forest productsSrivasthava M.B1st ed5
1703Tnpsc:general tamilPachiappan4
1704Tomato production,processing and technologyGouldwilbur2
1705Tractors and their power unitsLiljedahl1st rep5
1706Tractors and their power units 4th editionLiljedahl15
1707Training for agriculture and rural department 1997-98Fao1
1708Training for agriculture and rural department 1997-99Fao1
1709Training for DevelopmentRolf P.Lynton1
1710Transfer of agricultural technologyChole5
1711TRB -PG botanyDeepak15
1712TRB-PG zoologyDeepak Series Test Preparation15
1713Trends in wheat breedingSingh1st ed4
1714Trends in wheat breedingSingh S5
1715Tropical subtropical fruits & flowers cultivationNiir1
1716tropical vegetable scienceDr.D.Kannan ,Dr.J.Kabarial Dr.c. Mohan_x000D_
1717Tyler's herbs of choiceRobbers11
1718Understanding clean energy snd fuels from biomassMukunda1st2
1719Underutilized subtropical fruitsShukla Rahul11
1720Underutilized vegetable and spice cropsSanwal10
1721Ungal maattil paal perukkuvadhu eppadi?P.Pothi32
1722Unit operations of agricultural processingK.M.Sahay2nd rev1
1723Unit operations of agricultural processing.-2nd editionSahay2nd rev10
1724Unit operations of chemical engineering: 7th edWarren L.Mccabe7th ed5
1725University botany -3Reddy11
1726University botany -4Reddy11
1727University botany -5Reddy11
1728University botany -6Reddy11
1729University botany -7Reddy11
1730Use of ICT in agriculture extensionDr .Nikulainh ,M .Chauhan2
1731Valuable directory to boost medicinal & aromatic agro industries in indiaSrivasthava21
1732Vandal unavugalSolai Sundaraperumal12
1733Vanilla medicinal plants of the worldOdoux1
1734Veettukku veedu malar maruthuvamK.Poongavanam11
1735Vegetable and crop productionShagupta5
1736Vegetable gardeningCooper22
1737Vegetable pest management gide for farmersUmashankar11
1738Vegetable productionNonnecke10
1739Vegetable productionShagupta5
1740Vegetable seed production technologySingh1st ed3
1741Vegetables and vegetable products: modern methods of plant analysisLinskens H.F1st rep1
1742Vegetble seeding production manual-155Fao1
1743Vegetble seeding production manual-156Fao1
1744Vegetble seeding production manual-157Fao1
1745Vegetble seeding production manual-158Fao1
1746Velaan kaadugalA.Solaimalai;B.Chandharasekaran;V.Ravicha ndran;S.Varadharaj12
1747Vermibiotechnology form soil health to human healthRanganathan10
1748Vermicomposting for sustinable agricultureGupta2 rev ed10
1749Vermiculture and organic farmingSathe5
1750VermitechnologyMavy Violet Christy,A5
1751Verms & vermitechnologyKumar5
1752verms & vermitechnologyMargaret11
1753Veterinary extension educationSharma5
1754Vindhaimigu velaanmaiT.Purusothaman11
1755Waste water economic asset in an urbanizing worldDrechsel1
1756Waste water engineeringB.C.Punmia12
1757Wastewater engineering treatment and reuseMetcalf41
1758Wastewater treatment:concepts and design approachG.L.Kaviya21
1759Water and wastewater enginnering :design principles and practiceDavis3
1760Water and wastewater technology.-7th editionHammer7th ed1
1761Water chemistryVenkateswarl11
1762Water chemsitry : industrial and power station water treatmentVenkateswarl1st ed rep5
1763Water environmental and pollution.- 2nd editionKumar2nd ed10
1764Water in relation to soils and plantsGupta1st ed10
1765Water pollutionBerry1st ed1
1766Water power engineering .-2nd editionDandekar2nd ed2
1767Water resources engineering .-4th editionLinsley4th ed1
1768Water resources engineering principles and practiceChalla3 rev5
1769Water shed managementDas3
1770Water shed management for sustinable agricultureKhan10
1771Water supplySantosh Kumar1st ed1
1772Water technology : an introduction for environmentel scientists & engineers- 2 edGray2nd ed1
1773Water use in crop technology productionKrikham M.B1
1774Water wells and pumps and biotechnologyMichael21
1775Watershed comprehensive developmentSeshagiri Rao5
1776Watershed management .-2nd editionMurty2nd rep5
1777Webster's practical forestryWebster A.D1
1778Weed management of horticulture cropsShanmigavelu2
1779Weed management principles and practiceGupta3rd ed rep4
1780Weed management:principles and practices-3rd edO.P.Gupta3rd ed4
1781Weed ScienceP.C.Das5
1782weed science :basics and applicationst.k.dass5
1783Weeds identification and medicinal useWalia6
1784Wheat quality and product testing manualKhatkar1st ed5
1785Wheat quality and product testing manualsKhatkar1st ed4
1786Wheat quality and product testing manualsSingh1st ed1
1787Wild plants of indian -sub continent and their economic useRaju5
1788Wiley quantative aptitudeAnand15
1789Wind power technology.-2nd editionEarnest2nd ed1
1790Winning body languageBowden1
1791Women in Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentShakunthala Sridhara,B.Nagachaitanya,A.K.Chakravarthy,5
1792World index of biotechnologyAnupam Singh1st ed1
1793Yeasts in food benificial and detrimental aspectsRobert2
Total 6906