அதியமான் வேளாண்மைக் கல்லூரி மற்றும் ஆராய்ச்சி
Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research

Affiliated to TamilNadu Agricultural University ( Affiliation No.E1/A.E.R.I/02711/2016 )
Shoolagiri to Berigai Road, Athimugam Village, Krishnagiri District 635105.



   Plant Pathology mainly deals with the diseases of Agriculture and Horticultural crops and their management. This department is connected with cultivation mushroom, bio-control agent production, disease forecasting, post harvest disease management, agrochemicals, seed pathology and virology. the laboratory is well equipped with instruments like audio visuals, herbarium collections, pathogen preserved slides, diseases cycle chart, plant diseases chart, laminar airflow chamber, autoclaves, compound binocular microscope, compound binocular light microscopes, stereo zoom microscope, hot air oven, centrifuges, microwave oven, electronic weighing balance, colony counter, incubators, refrigerator, chemicals and glass wares etc. Equipped with a mushroom cultivation shed for production of mushroom, Final year students are involved in mushroom production and bio-control mass multiplication on every year for their course of experiential learning.

Courses offered:

As per 2017 syllabus, there are four compulsory courses and two experiential learning courses and one project work.

Semester 3:  PAT 201 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology (2+1)

Semester 4:  PAT 202 Principles of Integrated Plant Disease Management (1+1)

Semester 5:  PAT 301 Diseases of Field and Horticultural crops and their management – I (1+1)

Semester 6:  PAT 302 Diseases of Field and Horticultural crops and their management -II (2+1)

Semester 8:  PAT451 Commercial Production of Bio-control agents (0+10)

Semester 8:  PAT 452 Commercial mushroom production (0+10)

Semester 8: APW 401 Project Report Preparation, Presentation and Evaluation (0+1)



               Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research, a brainchild of TNAU, Coimbatore (Affiliated), was successfully launched in the year 2016 at Krishnagiri District, Hosur Taluk, of Athimugam Village to commemorate the responsibility in the field of education and allied activities of Agriculture and Horticulture in the surrounding areas of Hosur and Krishnagiri. Out of several departments, the Division of Plant Protection and Department of Plant Pathology, located in B block, plant pathology engages in a multidisciplinary approach of participates in a various of disciplines to control crop diseases and related activities like the mushroom cultivation (Pleurotus sajor caju & Pleurotus djamor) and (Agaricus bisporus) as part of the agriculture course curriculum in 2017. Mushroom production in Hosur area is more suitable due to the moderate climatic condition (Maximum temperature 250C and minimum temperature 160C, and maximum Relative humidity 85 per cent in Athimugam) and farmers have taken up the production of oyster and button mushroom and established a successful enterprise in and around this area. So, our (ACAR) campus also established mushroom unit involving in the cultivation of both oyster and button mushroom. Shell plays a key role in the dissemination of technical know-how to the farmers in addition, we are also providing good quality of mother spawn of white oyster, yellow oyster and blue oyster mushroom seeds to Statistify the needs of mushroom farmers. Future, we also providing mushroom cultivation training programme for rural unemployed women’s to enhance the economic status of rural people in Krishnagiri district. 


                Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research, affiliated to TNAU, Coimbatore was successfully launched in the year 2016 at Krishnagiri District, Hosur Taluk of Athimugam Village to deliver Agricultural education including secondary agriculture activities in the surrounding areas of Hosur and Krishnagiri. The Department of Plant Pathology under the Division of Plant Protection located in B block is delivering various courses to the students. In addition to these, Commercial production of Bio control agents was also included for the benefit of students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree program. Use of Chemical pesticides for the control of plant diseases causes phytotoxic effects in plants and also makes the soil unfit for cultivation. Biological control is the effective alternate approach for the management of plant diseases. These beneficial microorganisms did not cause any ill effects to plants; environmentally safe and also involved in plant growth promotion activities. Bio control agents viz., Trichoderma asperellum and Bacillus subtilis were isolated from the rhizosphere soil and establishment of bio control unit is under progress in our campus.

உழுதுண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்மற் றெல்லாம்
தொழுதுண்டு பின்செல் பவர்.     குறள்  – 1033

பொருள்: உழவு செய்து அதனால் கிடைத்ததை உண்டு வாழ்கின்றவரே உரிமையோடு வாழ்கின்றவர்; மற்றவர் எல்லோரும் பிறரைத் தொழுது உண்டு பின் செல்கின்றவரே.