அதியமான் வேளாண்மைக் கல்லூரி மற்றும் ஆராய்ச்சி
Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research

Affiliated to TamilNadu Agricultural University ( Affiliation No.E1/A.E.R.I/02711/2016 )
Shoolagiri to Berigai Road, Athimugam Village, Krishnagiri District 635105.


Department of Agriculture and Rural Management

               Agriculture and Rural Management is bridge between rural agriculture society and its development in countries like India where farming is its main economic activity. Main contribution of agriculture to rural development are employment, agriculture income (Farm Profit), earnings from ancillary businesses and environmental services with effective use of scarce resources like land, labour and capital. Thus, managing agriculture and rural society is highly important. Developing countries are moving from being largely rural and agrarian to becoming urban and industrial. Thus, create jobs and livelihoods for small farmers and the landless, while producing food and raw materials for the urban economy.

             Agriculture and Rural Management will train students to be efficient in managing improved agriculture technologies leading to increased productivity and profitability of agriculture and horticulture sector. They will help the rural society to convert traditional sustainable agriculture into agribusiness through modern technologies and agricultural policies. It opens doors for students to start their carrier in multitude of industries like commercial farming, retail marketing, food processing, food production, allied farming industry and rural financing and banking. Since increasing the scale of production is the particular concern most farmers in the developing world are smallholders. Hence, finding ways to link small farmers to link effectively to large-scale enterprises in supply chains is a challenge.

              Department of Agricultural Rural Management in ACAR provides knowledge for students, to the study of opportunities for smallholder farmers to scale up their activity and increase market engagement by providing the following courses.

Courses Offered by the department,

ARM 321- Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (1+1) – 2015 syllabus

ARM 301- Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management (1+1) – 2017 syllabus

ARM 451 – Managerial skills for Agribusiness (0+10)

Team teaching for the course – 

SST 351 – Seed entrepreneurship skill development and management (1+1)