அதியமான் வேளாண்மைக் கல்லூரி மற்றும் ஆராய்ச்சி
Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research

Affiliated to TamilNadu Agricultural University ( Affiliation No.E1/A.E.R.I/02711/2016 )
Shoolagiri to Berigai Road, Athimugam Village, Krishnagiri District 635105.



           B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree programme offers four Agricultural Engineering courses Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Farm Machinery and Power, Renewable Energy and Green Technology, Protected Cultivation and Secondary Agriculture. In this, we are going through significant topics such as surveying and levelling instruments, soil and water conservation measures, Irrigation systems, farm machinery and implements, tractor driving, renewable energy gadgets, biomass energy conversion, bio-fuels production, and post-harvest technology for crops.

          Soil and water are two important natural resources and the basic needs for agricultural production. During the last century, it has been observed that the pressure of increasing population has led to the degradation of these natural resources. In other words, an increase in agricultural production to feed the increasing population is only possible if there are sufficient fertile land and water available for farming. That’s why soil and water should be given priority from the conservation point of view and appropriate methods should be used to ensure their sustainability and future availability. All citizens should be made aware of the importance of natural resources as our lives depend on them and everyone should be involved in the process of caring for these resources properly and using them intelligently.

         On our campus, we have perfect soil and water conservation measures, permanent gully control structures and groundwater recharging structures. The water-saving technology of the Drip Irrigation system and Sprinkler Irrigation System were established for optimal production and water savage. Mostly irrigation water is pumped from the borewell because of that the groundwater table declined day by day. To overcome this problem, we have a percolation pond and artificial bore well recharging system for replenishing the groundwater level.

          Farm Power is an essential input in agriculture for timely field operations for increasing production and productivity of the land. Farm mechanization plays a critical role in increasing agricultural productivity. Mechanization has been well received in India as one of the important elements of the modernization of agriculture, enhancing agricultural productivity and consequently rural prosperity. In this regard, various types of machinery and implements such as mould board ploughs, cultivators, power weeders, rotavators and seed-cum-fertilizer drill were available on our campus for increasing agricultural productivity.

        During course work on renewable energy and green technology, the students will be learning about renewable energy sources to meet future energy requirements because of the depletion of coal reserves, increasing import of coal, crude oil and other energy sources besides the rising concern over climate change. Further use of protected cultivation with controlled environment and post-harvest unit operations and processing of agricultural crops during the respective course work are also delivered.

Student Activities

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