Physical Sciences

The following departments are coming under physical science department,

  1. Computer Science
  2. Mathematics & Statistics
  3. Humanities
  4. Physical Education

Computer Science:

In computer science department WE have taken COM 111 Fundamentals of Informational technology course for 2016 batch and for 2017 batch onwards COM 311 Agriculture Informatics (1+1) course will be taken. In these courses the students can understand about hardware, software, operating systems, network, compiler and they do practical exercise in MS-office, oracle, c. After completing this course, they can familiar about how to do surfing net, PPT presentation, write documents, to do calculations and prepare chart in Excel.


Mathematics department offer two courses MAT 111 Elementary Mathematics (1+1) for First semester. In this course the students can get familiar about permutation, combination, matrix, differential and integral calculus and they are very much familiar about linear, quadratic and exponential models, this will help the students to learn about economics.

The students will learn STA 201 – Statistical methods (1+1) in fourth semester, in this course the students can get familiar about mean, median, standard deviation, variance, Poisson distribution, binomial distribution and normal distribution and they learn about Annova table that help the students to do their project work. They also learn about t-test, f-test, z-test for testing the collected data.

Maths Courses Offered

YearSemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
IIMAT 111Elementary Mathematics1+1
IIIVSTA 201Statistical Methods1+1


ENG 101 Comprehension & Communication Skills in English (1+1), ENG 103 Development Education (0+1) for the first semester, in this course the students can develop their communication skills.


TAM 101- Ilakkiyathil Velanmaiyum Ariviyal Tamil Payanakkamum, in this course the students can learn about how velanmai was handled in Illakiyam.

English and Tamil Courses

YearSemesterCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
IIENG 101Comprehension and Communication Skills in English1+1
ENG 103Development Education0+1
TAM 101Ilakkiyathil Velanmaiyum Ariviyal Tamil Payanakkamum0+1
IIIVIENG 301Soft Skills for Employability0+1