The ACAR farm was established and the farm activities were initiated with cultivation of crops and planting of tree saplings. The ACAR farm was divided in five blocks for easy maintenance viz., Block A to E. in this A block consist of Garden land, shade nut, poly houses, vegetables and mulberry plantation, B block with woodlots, C block for wetland crops and crop Cafeteria, in D block dry land and Animal husbandry units and Orchard  in  E block. Farms are managing by a Farm Manager ( Mr. Premnath ), and one agricultural officer and one supervisor with 25A type and 24B type farm workers. The farm workers are regularly engaged in farm activities like watering of planted tree sapling, cultural and interculteral field operations in different field crops as well as crop cafeteria. In ACAR Farm two tractor with Farm implements like cultivator (9 and 5 tyne), mould board plough, ridger, leveling board, Rotavator, cage wheel and Ferti-cum-seed drill and 2 power tiller with rotavator, ridger, cultivator, cage wheel and two power weeder are in operation.