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(Approved by Government of Tamil Nadu & Affiliated to TNAU, Coimbatore.)


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    Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research has a concrete mission and history that makes us different from other institutions when we started our charitable trust Adhiyamaan Education and Research Institute (AERI) started almost  two decades ago. We envisioned a new kind of academic excellence -one that could put it, “serve the times and the nation’s needs”.

    Our efforts for iinnovative curriculum, percolating research culture, supporting our innovative student teams and upgrading our infrastructure with a vision and commitment to move further on the pathways of excellence perhaps is what made ACAR to climb to be a top class institution in the region. It must be highly satisfying that our stake holders namely, the farmers, the Industry, Government and community have acknowledged  their recognition of the spirit of excellence of our ACAR institution as it is truly reflected in our endeavors to provide value based education and excellence.

    The Government and the society recognizes the value of goodness that is inculcated in this institution among the students, teachers and all those who become part and parcel of this institution.

I am quite sure and happy, our achievements would make everyone feel happy and proud.