Biological control of Plant Pathogens

           Plant diseases need to be controlled to maintain the quality and abundance of food, feed, and fiber produced by growers around the world. Different approaches may be used to prevent, mitigate or control plant diseases. Beyond good agronomic and horticultural practices, growers often rely heavily on chemical fertilizers and pesticides have contributed significantly to the spectacular improvements in crop productivity and quality.

          However, the environmental pollution caused by excessive use and misuse of agrochemicals, as well as fear-mongering by some opponents of pesticides, has led to considerable changes in people’s attitudes towards the use of pesticides in agriculture.  Consequently, some pest management researchers have focused their efforts on developing alternative inputs to synthetic chemicals for controlling pests and diseases. Among these alternatives are those referred to as biological controls.

         Biological control of plant pathogens is fundamentally a matter of ecological management of a community of organisms.  The biocontrol agent is identified and is proven effective against plant pathogens over several reproducible results, the method of mass production, formulation and application should be taken into consideration to stabilize the product during storage and to facilitate its delivery to the plant. 

        Following types of Biological control agents are mass multiplied in our ACAR,

  • Pseudomonas spp.
  • Bacillus spp.
  • Trichoderma spp.

Training will be provided for Biological control agents and training will includes following aspects in detail:

  • Importance of Biological control agents in Pest/diseases management
  • Bioinoculant preparation technique for mass multiplication
  • Infrastructure requirement for setting up of Biocontrol mass multiplication unit
  • Method of application like seed treatment, soil application, foliar spray and bio-priming

Apart from that, other important related aspects viz; economics of mass multiplication, marketing, financing etc., will also be covered during the training.