Agricultural Microbiology

                 Microbiology is a science that has a great impact and contribution on different fields such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Food Processing, Genetic Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Ecology and Environment, Industry and Public Health. The Department of Microbiology enlightens the agriculture graduate students with the basic concepts and in various industrial applications of microorganisms. The department is offering the following courses, AGM-101 Fundamentals of Agricultural Microbiology (2+1) and AGM-301 Agricultural Microbiology (1+1) for B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture programme. Experiential learning course is offered to the B.Sc. Agriculture degree students in 4th year final semester. Fundamentals of Agricultural Microbiology course covers all the fundamental aspects of the important areas in microbiology like, Types of microbes, Basic techniques involved in microbes, Nutritional types of bacteria, Diversity and classification, Microbial metabolism, Genetic recombination and Vaccines. Agricultural Microbiology course will help students to understand the microbial diversity in soils; their role in soil fertility and plant growth also various application of beneficial microbes in Agriculture, Horticulture and Industries. Both the courses will give enough theoretical, practical skill and hands on experience on basic and soil microbiology, which include isolation, enumeration, characterization, assessing various beneficial activity of soil microorganisms and mass multiplication of beneficial microbes.

                  Microbiology Lab in Adhiyamaan College of Agriculture and Research (ACAR) one of the well established lab with all the required instruments, glassware and chemical facilities to conduct the all practical classes related to the courses. Our laboratory is provided with well-equipped instruments like Fermenter, Laminar air flow chamber, Incubator, pH meter, Electronic Weighing balance, Colony counter, Phase contrast and UV microscopes, Compound microscopes, Refrigerated centrifuge, Incubatory shaker and Gas chromatograph for commercial production of bio inoculants such as Azospirillum, Azotobacter, Rhizobium, Phospho bacteria, VAM and  Mass  production of Azolla.

Microbiology Courses